5.0 Reviewed by 11 users provides expats with the following “turn-key “services:

• Completing and filing your Income Tax Return with the Tax Office
• Completing and filing your Annual Social Insurance Overview with the Social Insurance Office
• Completing and filing your Annual Health Insurance Overview with the Health Insurance Office


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Very satisfied

Reviewed by SARA EL HAMDANI 09.05.2023
I definitely recommend Dusan from He displayed a high level of professionalism, organization, and responsiveness in addressing my tax requirements. Recently, he prepared my tax returns for the year 2022 (received on April 2023) with remarkable efficiency and competence at a a very reasonable fee.

Tax Return Specialist - Highly Recommended

Reviewed by Eric Cerda 29.01.2016
I highly recommend Dusan from Dusan was very professional, organized, and responsive to my tax needs. He prepared my tax returns last year (2015) very quickly & proficiently, and at a quite reasonable cost. This year (2016), Dusan not only prepared my tax returns on VERY short notice (I was moving out of the country and needed them prepared & filed in less than a week), but he also unregistered me from the Czech Tax... read more

Good work!

Reviewed by r0m 13.05.2014
Good service, flexible and responsive. I recommend!

Do not worry

Reviewed by Spokuha 09.05.2014
I left the Czech Republic in the end of 2013 and had to submit my return from abroad, so I contacted MyTaxReturn. They promptly responded to my queries, and did a good job submitting the return. As with the previous poster, my deadline was nearing as well, but everything was done on time. Considering their pricing (very affordable), I think their services are quite competitive.

You're in safe hands here

Reviewed by Fred1971 12.03.2014
Very good and professional service from this guy. Using "Mytaxreturn" on a yearly basis now. For a noob like me it's been very reassuring and simple. Each year I receive a list of what to do, papers I need to send him, then voila, tax return and all taken care of. That included all paperworks for the Social and Health Insurance bit, last year he got me some tax benefits I wasn't aware of as well. Impeccable English and a very service minded... read more


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