KVdM-Consultancy s.r.o.

KVdM-Consultancy s.r.o.

Krasova 26, Praha 3, 13000

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We are an experienced, ambitious logistics consultancy company offering the best possible service, customized to your needs and in a language you understand. Finally, a business that talks your language!

Since our start-up in the port of Antwerp, Belgium, we have built up over a decade of experience in logistics services. Now, as an independent Logistics Company, we are able to offer our clients an unrivalled level of knowledge and expertise coupled with comprehensive support services.

Our core business values are transparency and objectiveness, something we strive for in all our customer services. Our confidence in getting the job done for you is underpinned by solid expertise in the field and we thrive on your challenges. We have expectations for rapid growth in our service repertoire and the expansion of our client base.

Our door-to-door planning of any transportation and distribution package is in-depth and always precise. Together with our strategic partners we build complete customized solutions to fulfill your specific requirements.

Prior to embarking on any project we consult closely with clients to define clear objectives. This helps us to ensure client satisfaction.

We liaise closely with our clients throughout in order to ensure the best match between our services and your needs.

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In the centre of Prague, ready to help with visas, zivno (trade lic.), partnership residency, CZ & US tax returns, establishing sro company, virtual address, parental allowance...