Krav Maga Prague
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It is extremely liberating when you can go for a night out or travel the world knowing that you can handle yourself whatever happens while also being in great shape and feeling good in your body.
Detach from your daily issues, let some steam off at the Krav Maga self defense classes, develop physically and learn skills that are not only applicable in real life confrontations but they will help you better manage stress in your everyday life, become more assertive and more focused.

You don't need to worry about entering a testosterone fueled gym where members are just waiting to smash the next newbie or chat up the new girl.
Using expert training methods, at Krav Maga Prague, you will learn real life self defense skills in a respectful environment step by step, allowing you to grow and become fully capable of protecting yourself.

You may have been in a situation in life where you felt intimidated or helpless. You may have wanted to join some self defense classes already but never did in the end. Or you've even tried other schools of martial arts and became demotivated and given up. You are not the only one!
There are many training centers that teach unrealistic methods or where newcomers are "measured and tested" from their arrival and they don't facilitate a learning curve. There are others that just play games or use weak training methods which doesn't actually help you when it comes to facing reality.

If you want to take charge of your own safety by learning to protect yourself in the real world and improving physically in a respectful training environment that enables you to grow, than visit our website and sign up for one of our class at:

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Got more confidence

Reviewed by Solotchi Veaceslav 13.06.2019
Great training, great environment, great people. Helped me to develop more confidence in myself, got a good physical condition and meet amazing people. Highly recommend.


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