Kids Park
5.0 Reviewed by 13 users
Private kindergarten and nursery in the centre of Prag.
- we accept children starting at 20 months
- located near Václavské square, in quiet rooms opposite the Riegerovy orchards

Main benefites:
- time flexibility to accomodate your needs
- English speaking staff
- application of Motesorri education
- healthy and diverse board/ vegetarian food
- trips to nature
- professional yoga for children
- just a step away from park
- minimum member of children per teacher - individual approach
- canestherapy

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KidsPark is great place!

Reviewed by Iva Janouskova 07.10.2019
Hi, my son is so happy there. We started when he was 2,5 years old and now after 3 years there i can see how good choice it was. I appreciate their personal relation to each child. My son found close friends there. He learned english a lot. Even when my son had a broken leg, they helped me and Kubi could come and enjoy time there.

Excellent Kindergarden!

Reviewed by Zuzana Keckesova 28.05.2018
We used Kidspark for both of our kids for 1.5 years. My younger one started at 16 months and my older one when he was 4.5 years old. We had a wonderful experience all this time! Teachers are nice, fun and optimistic and kids like them very much. They go for walks every day and have many interesting sport, art and cultural activities (ceramics, theater, cooking, art classes, yoga, day school trips....). Kids are exposed to lots of very... read more

Nice place to learn!

Reviewed by Robert van den Berg 08.02.2018
Our youngest son is now at Kidspark for one and a half year. The first time we come in we feel comfortable and welcome. The teachers are very friendly, excellent in teaching and taking care of every child. Our son is excited to go to 'school' and he learned a lot. Kidspark is near a great park and they go often outside, also for trips. It is amazing what the teachers do for our child. We are very happy that we have chosen for Kidspark!

Lovely place to learn

Reviewed by Robert van den Berg 07.02.2018
Our youngest son is now going one and a half year to Kidspark. When we walk in the first time we feel comfortable and welcome. It is a nice place to play and learn! Our son want to go every day to 'school' and like all the teachers. They are friendly, caring and give the kids space to explore the world. Kidspark is near a great park and they go out often to be outside. For our son the perfect place to be!

Amazing kinergarten!

Reviewed by Olga Datsenko 03.01.2018
My daughter started to attend Kidspark when she was 12 month. Pefect owner helped us also before when we were struggling to find a Nanny. It´s been more than 2 years and I am still perfectly satisfied with this place. Great teachers, super flexible and most important I feel totally relaxed when I leave my daughter in Kidspark. She Looks Forward to go there and sometimes she is sad that she has to leave her friends, teachers and the excellent... read more