Gymnazium Livingston

Gymnazium Livingston

Schoellerova 1097/18, Praha 9, 19600 Now open - closes at 17:00

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Gymnazium Livingston follows on from the success of ZS Livingston, offering a 4-year bilingual programme focused on opening doors for the future both here in the Czech Republic, and abroad.

Located in a brand new building in Cakovice, students will receive both the Czech Maturita, Cambridge IGCSEs and an International Diploma, making Gymnazium Livingston suitable for both Czech nationals who wish to develop an academic fluency in English, or mixed nationality, or non-Czech families who struggle with integration into the Czech schooling system.

Languages are a major focus of the school. Academic subjects are delivered through English using content and language integrated learning by a team of internationally experienced, qualified teachers, ensuring that all students, regardless of nationality are able to access the curriculum. Czech Language and Literature is delivered in an engaging, interactive style encouraging Czech students to love and appreciated their language and culture, whereas non-native Czech speakers are taught Czech as a second language to allow them to successfully integrate into their new home.

As a Candidate School for the International Baccalaureate, Gymnazium Livingston embraces the IB Learner profile, where we understand that subject knowledge is just one part of a good all-round education. We appreciate and encourage students to be naturally inquisitive, creative, be outstanding communicators, to take calculated risks, to reflect upon their personal and academic development, to think in an analytic manner, to care for those around them, to have strong principles, and to keep an open mind. Most importantly, we want our students to be balanced, and have a comprehensive support system within the school to identify students who may struggle with the demands of modern life, or need some encouragement to test their limits.

We understand that high-quality schools are often unaffordable for normal working families, and offer a competitive fee, with a fixed, predictable schedule for the entire 4-year programme.

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