Expat Career Services - Kseniya Levina, GCDF

Expat Career Services - Kseniya Levina, GCDF

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Modern career is a lifestyle that lets people apply their talents to great projects, earn money, and enjoy the work process itself. My goal is to focus my clients on exploring the field of opportunities and giving them essential tools for achieving their career goals. Every person is unique, so I find the right balance of coaching and consulting techniques based on my client's request.

Career support for expats: Create a fulfilling career in a new setting.

I will help you to:
- identify transferrable skills and competencies;
- define a long-term career strategy and set short-term goals;
- create a JobHunter's toolkit: informative resume, LinkedIn profile, self-presentation & cover letter;
- enter job market for expats in Czech Republic;
- broaden your professional network;
- find a fulfilling job or project.

Book a free 20-minute consultation at www.kseniyalevina.com

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