Hvězdova 1716/2b, Praha 4, 14000

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CCS PREMIUM TRUST a.s., as a part of the CCS family, has been providing services to private clients for many years. The services include restructuring the property and business structure of clients, setting internal rules of the structure and protecting the business as such. Additionally, our services include professional asset management and ensuring intergenerational transfer through Czech trust funds or its foreign alternatives in the form of trusts and foundations.

• Ensuring the optimal asset arrangement
• Setting up an intergenerational handover
• Trust funds, foreign trusts and foundations, endowment funds and other entities
• Family governance
• Restructuring
• Setup of internal compliance rules and processes
• Related comprehensive legal, tax and accounting consulting

In order to provide comprehensive services, we cooperate with the law firm CÍSAŘ, ČEŠKA, SMUTNÝ s.r.o.

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Reviewed by user 14.04.2023
I have been working with CCS for a long time, when they helped me set up a Trust and it helped my company, family and me personally a lot. Thank you and I can only recommend the best.

CCS Premium Trust is a team of professionals in their field.

Reviewed by user 14.03.2023
I have had the best experience with CCS Premium Trust. They are a team of professionals who have done a great job of organizing the management of my assets through the trust. I can highly recommend them from my experience!