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4.7 Reviewed by 14 users Expat Accountant is the one-stop shop for all (business) needs of foreigners and expats in Czech Republic.
Lots of free Information on accounting, taxes, starting / doing business in CZ on

We help ordinary people getting set up as self-employed (including Tax / Social / Health registration).

One hour of business consultation will answer all your questions about Accounting & Taxes, Invoicing / VAT to CZ / EU clients, difference between Trade license and SRO (why not an SRO), Residence permit & Visa Requirements and lots more.
We even will refund the consultation fee if you did not get your questions answered - so it is totally without risk to you!

Also visit our other pages: - for all basic information on the trade license / zivnostensky list

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Very very useful information

Reviewed by Kenn 08.03.2014
I met with Roald and came away with good information. Very friendly, super knowledgeable. I don't know how I could have been better served.

Helpful and Professional

Reviewed by Jenny Ryan 29.08.2013
Petra at Alexio assisted me with health insurance issues. She was extremely helpful, and speaks great English.

Very professional - a saviour.

Reviewed by exosus 21.08.2013
We booked an appointment with Alexio recently and couldn't be happier with the service we received. They're very professional and couldn't have been more helpful. They answered all of our questions and more.

Very professional service

Reviewed by efilana 28.06.2013
I was happy to be referred to Alexio by somebody else. but I wish I knew them sooner! The advise was efficient, to the point, and very useful. And also, Roald has enough experience to understand who you are and what exactly do you need. I was very satisfied.

Alexio provides a highly professional service

Reviewed by fredgyebiababio 24.06.2013
The team at Alexio have provided an excellent service that comes highly recommended. They understand what they offer and sometime seem to understand my business better than I do.


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