The Fugitives

La Rinascita at this year's Fringe Festival Staff

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the fringe festival praha and la rinascita present

The Fugitives
6,000 Years
One Terrible Choice.

Divadlo Na Prádle
Besední 3
Malá Strana, Praha 1
28/5 – 31/5 @ 18:00
1/6 – 5/6 @ 22:30

la rinascita
the rebirth

a performance group that aims to develop new actor/directorgenerated theatre pieces that tour internationally.

through contact with artists around the world, la rinascita hopes to define for themselves what it means to be an american artist.

we are american artists.
we don´t know what that means.
through theatre we hope to find out.

The Fugitives

6000 years…
A terrible choice…
1 second to make it.
When the person you love is marked for death, what choice will you make?

Fusing myth, ritual, and the supernatural, La Rinascita´s THE FUGITIVES is as chilling as it is mysterious.

Created by David Conison and Anne Veal.
Directed by David Conison.
Featuring Matthew Baldiga and Anne Veal.
Sound design by Stowe Nelson.

“an exercise in total commitment…”
“ratchet[s] up the tension moment-to-moment”
“will make your heart pump harder and sweat bead on your forehead.”
–DC Theatre Scene

Tickets available through TicketStream.




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Field for sale, 11384m2

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Apartment for rent, 2+kk - 1 bedroom, 45m2

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Pragues eagerly awaited annual marathon of theatre, dance, comedy
and music from around the globe bursts to life on May 28th for 9 days.

The Prague Fringe Festival, now in its 9th year attracts a growing
band of visitors from overseas as well as being increasingly popular
with Czech audiences. The event creates a great international atmosphere
where those on holiday can mix with locals and enjoy an eclectic mix of
high quality and reasonably priced non-elitist theatrical

This exciting event offers 40 different shows with over 200
performances and is a mini and more manageable version of the mighty
world famous Edinburgh Fringe. Its cheaper too with tickets priced at
around a third cheaper than the Edinburgh shows.

All productions are in English, Czech or are non-verbal and are
programmed so that you can see up to 5 shows a day or dip in and out as
you please. Shows take place from the afternoon to late evening, most
last for an hour or so with time between to zip from venue to venue and
grab a bite to eat, or even pop back to your hotel for a freshen-up.

Full programme
on line and tickets on sale NOW. Come and join the Prague Fringe group

and Twitter
for updates and gossip

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