Prague Castle ranked one of the world’s best deals for tourists

On the other hand, New York’s Empire State Building was cited as the biggest rip-off due to its massive entry fee.

Raymond Johnston

Written by Raymond Johnston Published on 06.04.2022 11:04:00 (updated on 08.04.2022) Reading time: 2 minutes

Prague Castle has another accolade to add to its list. It has been named the fourth-best value tourist attraction in the world; while many locals balk at the CZK 250 basic entry fee, it's a bargain when compared to other top tourist attractions around the world.

Travel blog ParkSleepFly came up with a list of the biggest rip-offs and the best deals. The ranking was based not only on price, but also satisfaction, as calculated from TripAdvisor reviews. Some 30 attractions were ranked. The top and bottom 10 were listed, while the middle 10 remain a mystery. A separate list ranked theme parks along similar lines.

In terms of the best deals, at the top of the list was the Great Wall of China, which not only has a low entry fee, but only a 0.5 percent dissatisfaction rate. The Taj Mahal in Agra, India, was second, and the Forbidden City in Beijing, China, was third.

Prague Castle and the Eiffel Tower were tied for fourth place. Prague Castle is cheaper than the Eiffel Tower, but the latter has a higher satisfaction rate. Sites in Europe that also made the top 10 were the Colosseum, Akropolis, and Louvre.

In terms of the worst deals, New York’s Empire State Building was bottom due to its whopping entry fee of $44 (about CZK 975) and 4.2 percent negativity rate. What's more, the standard entry fee only gets you to the 86th floor. Those who want to go to the very top, the 102nd floor, have to shell out a whopping $77.

Second place for the worst deal was a three-way tie between Buckingham Palace, Stonehenge, and New York’s Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum. The London Eye came in fifth.

While there is an admission fee to see inside buildings at Prague Castle, people can wander the grounds including some of the gardens and upper stag moat for free (the lower moat is under renovation). The tourist season started on April 1 and runs to Oct. 31.

Prague Castle reopens to the public today, May 3. (Houses of Golden Lane via iStock photo - vjenifoto)
Houses on the Golden Lane. Photo: iStock photo / vjenifoto.

The main buildings are open all-year-round. The tour circuit includes the Old Royal Palace, the Basilica of St. George, the Golden Lane, and St. Vitus’ Cathedral. Entry to the lookout tower in St. Vitus costs an extra CZK 150. Other museums and galleries in the complex have separate admission fees, which vary depending on what is on display. The Lobkowicz Palace is privately owned and also has a separate admission fee.

There are also several days a year when admission to the Castle is free, though long lines can be expected. The next day with free entry is May 14, the ceremonial opening of the 2022 season, when some normally inaccessible spaces will also be open to the public. Further days with free admission have not been announced, but in the past they have fallen on significant national holidays. 

The tourist season has also started for other castles and monuments across the Czech Republic. Many have undergone recent renovations or seen their tourist routes expanded.

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