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A pioneering initiative that leverages the power of AI image generation to teach English in a dynamic and interactive way. Staff

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With recent advancements in AI technology, some parents wonder if today's education does enough to prepare children for the future job landscape. As teachers struggle to engage a tech-immersed generation, introduces the "/imagine" program. This trailblazing initiative taps into AI-driven image generation to offer a vibrant and interactive approach to English education.

The program was developed by Eva Howlings, a longtime Prague local with two decades of experience in education and technology. It brings excitement into the classroom while building skills sure to be valuable in future job markets. 

Inspiring creativity with Midjourney AI

The /imagine program harnesses the power of Midjourney, an AI platform that turns text into unique images. With the right guidance, it is fun and easy for learners of all levels. Eva says, “I want to prove that anyone can make amazing art - you just need imagination. So I empower my students to begin a creative adventure, while simultaneously improving their English proficiency.”

Project based language learning

All lessons in the /imagine program are designed to engage and inspire, channeling each student’s individual interests towards the target language. Midjourney only understands English, so students are “forced” to consider the best way to express their vision, in order to achieve the desired outcome.

After each session, students receive a high-quality print of their work. These are also shared in an online gallery. Many students continue to independently explore Midjourney, because it is a fun and stimulating hobby. The advanced course introduces ways to sell work online, printed onto t-shirts and even phone cases.

Collaborative learning at its best

One of the program's standout features is its emphasis on collaboration. Students first have to explain what they have in mind to the group, who then brainstorm together. The experience is so immersive that students often forget they are in an English lesson. Doing this much talking, listening, and thinking - over and over - activates the target language, aids retention, and boosts confidence. More importantly, students are talking about topics they genuinely care about.

In follow-up discussions, the group evaluates the outcome, to decide which changes could be made for better results. They then have a week to research and come back with better prompts for the following lesson. This keeps the target language active in the forefront of their minds.

The vision behind the /imagine program

Born during the challenging Covid years, the /imagine program was the brainchild of an experienced educator who opened a language school, lectured at CVUT, and worked in IT. “Imagine" is the fusion of three primary interests for Art, Technology and Language.

Currently, the /imagine program is being offered to specialized Czech schools as an extracurricular activity. Eva also offers targeted trainings to businesses exploring how AI can help them source visuals. These sessions cater to a wide range of needs, from promotional content and prototypes to creative pitches and reference materials.

Get in touch and let us inspire you

Contact Eva Howlings at or call +420 776 355 228. You can also leave your details below, to receive information about courses, prices and upcoming dates of the /imagine course for business and schools.

“One thing AI still cannot do is learn a language for you. But if you want to work with AI because you love it, the language will come easier.”

Eva Howlings,

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