Prague’s new “Healthy Sleep Studio” is here to help you pick the perfect mattress

Choosing the right mattress is a big decision. Here are three key factors to keep in mind.

Morgan Childs

Written by Morgan Childs Published on 05.03.2024 16:30:00 (updated on 05.03.2024) Reading time: 3 minutes

We’re busier and more plugged in than ever, but we’re also living in a golden age for sleep. How else can you explain the rise of sleep influencers, the surge in popularity of instructional books on how to sleep, or the sudden ubiquity of sleep tech?

But no matter how you hack it, a good night’s sleep begins and ends in the bed. This is why Dorelan’s “Healthy Sleep Studio,” which opened in Karlín last fall, is helping Praguers make more informed choices when shopping for a mattress. “A good mattress helps to improve deep sleep, especially in the REM stage, by promoting good circulation and reducing movement during the night,” Pavel Kotalík, Sleep Specialist at Dorelan, said. “More REM means healthier sleep.”

According to Kotalík, every new mattress should offer ergonomics, comfort, and hygiene. Mattress shopping can be intimidating, but with Kotalík’s goals in mind, we’ve rounded up a few key factors for you to consider.

1. Sleep position and body type

Different mattresses are designed to distribute weight differently. That’s why each mattress feels different to different body types and to front-, side-, and back-sleeper. What’s more, “busy sleepers” who shift and change positions during the night have different needs than people who sleep, as they say, like a log. Being aware of your sleeping habits and positions can help you select the mattress that will best support your body and movement, resulting in deeper sleep. 

But there is a one-size-fits-most solution: Memory foam mattresses have grown increasingly popular in recent years and are recommended for almost any sleeper.  Because memory foam’s porous technology conforms to any body, you’re likely to feel supported no matter how you sleep. Equally importantly, memory foam also absorbs movement, making it an excellent choice for busy sleepers and those who love it. 

But don’t rule out the good old box spring. Today’s innerspring mattresses are better than ever, and they’re a great choice for hot sleepers and for those with heavier bodies—they can provide steady support throughout the night where you need it most. Look for a mattress with edge support so that you don’t feel like you’re going to fall when you roll over in the middle of the night. 

Seeking the best of both worlds? Try a hybrid mattress like Dorelan’s Tresor, which pairs a memory foam pillow-top cover with layered spring technology.

2. Preferred temperature

Research shows that the best night’s sleep happens at about 65 degrees Fahrenheit or 18.3 degrees Celsius. That can be hard to achieve in a home that isn’t perfectly temperature-controlled, especially in the summer months. If you know that warmer temperatures interfere with your sleep, seek out a mattress with coolness in mind. Porous mattresses, in particular, will aid in heat management. 

Just be careful when shopping for a memory foam mattress. Because the material conforms to the contours of your body, the wrong choice can make for an unpleasant night’s sleep. But if you've had a sleepless night on a memory foam mattress in the past, don’t be deterred: there are plenty of excellent temperature-conscious memory foam options out there to choose from. Look for a mattress with layered technology to provide thermal and moisture regulation. Kotalik recommends Dorelan’s Origin.

3. Health concerns

If you suffer from chronic pain or are an athlete, the wrong mattress can impact your pain levels, and it may be worth investing in a bed that can help preserve your alignment while you sleep. (It’s also doubly important that you get enough rest.) Look for models that were designed specifically to support proper alignment, such as the ReActive mattress.

Those with allergies, skin sensitivities, and immune system deficiencies should pay particular attention to the material. A hypoallergenic mattress like Dorelan’s Nube may be a wise choice. 

Kotalík recommends trying out multiple mattresses in-store to get a feel for the difference each distinctive feature makes. With your needs in mind, you’ll be able to find the perfect place to nod off each night.

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