One-day surgeries on the rise in Czechia – get back to your daily routine in 24 hours

Canadian Medical's Waltrovka branch specializes in range of procedures that don't require hospitalization. Staff

Written by Staff Published on 12.06.2024 17:00:00 (updated on 05.06.2024) Reading time: 3 minutes

Life moves fast. We all have long to-do lists these days, and time, as they say, is money. It’s no surprise that many of us let our healthcare needs slip, especially those non-emergency ones. However, a growing trend in the medical field aims to not only keep you in top form but get you back to your daily routine in just 24 hours.

One-day surgeries, allowing patients to tackle a number of health problems without long hospitalizations, are on the rise. Canadian Medical’s Waltrovka Clinic in Prague 5 specializes in a wide range of these types of procedures, from general surgery, gynecology, orthopedics and urology to various pediatric issues.                

“The main advantage of a one-day surgery is a quick return to normal life, including work. At the Waltrovka Clinic, experienced professionals, including highly qualified nurses and doctors with years of practice, form a well-coordinated team that benefits our patients,” says Radim Stein, the manager of operations at the Canadian Medicals Waltrovka Clinic. “We value a professional and human approach. Discretion and language proficiency of the entire staff are also par for the course.” 

Quick and minimally invasive

Thanks to the use of modern and minimally invasive procedures, many of which can be performed laparoscopically, a patient comes in for surgery in the morning and leaves to go home within 24 hours. For some types of surgeries, patients can leave immediately after local anesthesia or after a short rest following general anesthesia.

Typical one-day procedures include hernia, gallbladder, appendix and hemorrhoid surgeries as well as operations to remove certain types of tumors and varicose veins. Joint arthroscopic, carpal tunnel, forefoot surgeries fall under this category, too.  

The Waltrovka Clinic also handles removal and insertion of IUDs, hysteroscopies, cervical conization, polyp removal, laparoscopic sterilization, circumcisions, vasectomies and water hernia plastic surgeries.

Pediatric surgeries

Canadian Medical's Waltrovka Clinic is one of the leading centers in Prague for pediatric surgeries. Care for children requires perfect coordination between the surgeon and the parents. All operations are performed by a pediatric surgeon in collaboration with a pediatric anesthesiologist.

Children and their parents are overseen by an experienced and empathetic team during their entire stay at Waltrovka, which provides a calming environment tailored specifically to the needs of its youngest patients. Each pediatric patient is greeted with a teddy bear on their bed. Their doctor then explains in age-appropriate terms what the patient can expect. The presence of parents throughout the treatment is standard practice.

Common pediatric procedures include foreskin preservation and the removal of tumors, circumcisions, hernia operations and surgeries to fix undescended testicles.

What to expect at Waltrovka

After showing interest in a non-urgent procedure, the first step is to schedule a consultation with a doctor, who will choose the most suitable method of operation based on your current health condition. Together, you will decide on a tailored treatment plan. 

We put emphasis on an individual approach and the patient's current health condition, including long-term monitoring with our ‘Quality of Life After Surgery’ protocol,” says Stein. “All our care is in line with the international IAAS criteria for day care.”

Once an operation date is set, you will then undergo all necessary preoperative examinations. You will arrive on the day of the operation in the morning and check into one of the clinic’s premium rooms. After the operation and an assessment of your overall health condition, you will be discharged as soon as possible. 

Throughout the recovery period, you will stay in touch with the doctor for planned checkups and any needed health-related consultations.

Canadian Medical’s Waltrovka Clinic has contracts with all Czech health insurance companies, and surgical care is available to anyone with Czech health insurance. Patients with foreign insurance are also accepted on a direct billing and self-pay basis.

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