A wellness hotel in Luhačovice is a hidden gem offering 5-star serenity

Discover the nurturing treatments and stunning spaces of the Hotel Augustiniánský dům ****S in Luhačovice.

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The Wellness & Spa Hotel Augustinian House was originally built in Luhačovice in the years 1902-1904 according to a modified project by the Brno architect Vladimír Fischer, for the Augustinian monastery of St. Tomáš in Staré Brno. The house was mainly used for priests and Catholic families, and later for friends of the Augustinian order, as a place for rest, relaxation, and the restoration of mental balance.

One of the most famous regular guests was Leoš Janáček, who was inspired by this very place to create world-famous works, such as "The Cunning Little Vixen” and "Glagolitic Mass." The world-renowned composer spent his convalescent vacation in the Augustinian House a total of 12 times.

After the Second World War, the hotel was nationalized and, over the course of time, it had several functions, but it most often served as accommodation. Since the mid-1980s, the house fell into disrepair and turned into a ruin.

In 2006, the house was acquired by Miroslav Borák and his family company TEKOO REALITY, s.r.o.

"Dad knew this house for many years, he was attracted to the strong energy and the visionary idea that the house could one day become a nice family hotel. After the revolution, he built the company TEKOO, which became one of the largest fruit and vegetable wholesalers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. He made money and wanted to leave something behind," said Petr Borák, General Director of Wellness & Spa Hotel Augustiniánský dům ****S.

In 2008, when the financial crisis moved from the U.S. to Europe, Petr together with his brother Miroslav and colleague Roman Taťák decided to take a risk and open a wellness hotel, using an investment of more than CZK 100,000,000.

"Despite the fact that reviving the Augustine house was challenging, from the beginning, we approached this project as something special, something we all believed in. Our goal was to build a family wellness hotel synonymous with quality and experiences."

The hotel opened on March 19, 2010.

Top gastronomy

The main reason why guests choose Hotel Augustiniánský dům ****S is the combination of excellent gastronomy and an original wellness concept.

Restaurant Symfonie offers gastronomic experiences not only to hotel guests but also to non-accommodated guests, who can enjoy a tasty lunch or a 3-course evening menu.

The restaurant was awarded 2 Golden Lions in the TOP LIFE CZECH competition, evaluating the quality of Czech restaurants, which confirms the quality of its gastronomy.

Original wellness concept

"At the same time, the basic pillars include the wellness concept, which we regularly develop and invest a lot of effort into. It's the part that I personally enjoy the most. I can confirm from my own experience that the therapies and rituals we offer have a very positive effect on physical and mental health," said Petr.

The hotel's wellness retreat center includes a meditation yurt, a "Garden of 6 Senses," relaxation and meditation zones in the garden, and a quiet forest, where guests can also heal their souls.

The idea of ​​wellness is therefore also transferred to the garden, where guests can focus on their senses and begin to perceive the outside and inside world through feelings.

The wellness center includes several types of saunas and steam baths, a swimming pool, a whirlpool, original massages, and treatments. Among the most popular are the Augustinian massage or the massage of St. Tomas.

New to the hotel is the outdoor swimming lake which includes three relaxation piers, a sunny sunbathing lawn, and plenty of relaxation areas with sunbeds where you can experience the scenic surroundings. In colder weather, you can cool down here after sauna treatments.

Meditation yurt

The popular meditation yurt offers an original way to calm down, contemplate and tune in to yourself. The purpose of the yurt is to allow people to stop, focus, practice conscious breathing, find mental balance, and, above all, retreat into their inner world.

In the figurative sense of the word, the yurt can be understood as a "temple of silence," where, in addition to the dusting of wood in the fireplace, you can hear the singing of birds and the rustling of trees.

Via the hotel e-shop, you can purchase a gift voucher, which makes for the ideal experience to give a loved one. Most often, these are wellness stays for 2 nights with or without massage, but recently also special stays, Perfect Relaxation, for 3 nights, and Journey to Health for 4-5 nights.

The spa offers individual care, experiential services, and a world-class menu, both in the restaurant and in the wellness area.

"Our motto, which I follow myself, is a return to life and spiritual balance. I feel that the current time offers us mainly this possibility. To slow down, reevaluate some of our steps, and come back to ourselves," said Petr.

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