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Seniority: Senior

We are looking for a Managing Editor for Current Time TV Digital to lead the Current Time Digital team to advance Current Time’s role as a global leader in the production and distribution of timely, innovative, fact-based, uncensored Russian-language content for online platforms. You will lead on all digital initiatives and collaborate closely with Digital Strategy to anticipate and capitalize on new market trends. You will coordinate and manage Current Time's digital output, including the website, social media, mobile application(s), and other digital content. You will ensure that Current Time Digital's work meets RFE/RL editorial standards. You will work closely with the senior managers and editors TV to ensure maximum cooperation on news coverage, promotion of content, and audience engagement.

The role reports to the Director for Current Time TV.


  • Play a key role in shaping Current Time's cross-platform content production and distribution strategy. Work in close coordination with Managing Editor for TV, Senior Creative Editor, Operations Director, and Scheduling Manager to ensure impactful news coverage and high audience engagement.

  • Manage team leads for social media production, audience engagement, media literacy and counter-disinformation, mobile video production, website, solutions journalism.

  • Ensure that all online publications, regardless of the medium, are factually accurate and verifiable.

  • Ensure synergy in Current Time's television and digital planning, pre-production, production, and distribution efforts.

  • Foster a creative work environment to encourage a free exchange of story ideas, pitches, production and distribution tactics and strategies.

  • Devise and enforce effective production workflows with tight deadlines.

  • Follow market trends to ensure that Current Time stays ahead of the curve in digital production and distribution.

  • Explore and adopt newly emerging online platforms as potential tools to reach audiences in regions with a restrictive media environment. Adapt to how consumption occurs on new platforms.

  • Help research, develop, and onboard technologies to bypass or evade internet censorship imposed by governments. Develop online content to inform audiences about various ways to circumvent censorship, including the use of proxies, virtual private networks (VPNs), and decentralized networks.

  • Use available audience research and data to better understand user behavior, inform production and distribution choices across platforms. Optimize content for recirculation and longer retention. Suggest adjustments to target specific demographics.

  • Seek out opportunities for collaborations with new talent, digital content producers, influencers.

  • Work with IT Security to promote digital hygiene, reduce exposure to cyberattacks, and prevent unauthorized access to systems or data loss.

  • Ensure that CT Digital staff and contributors maintain the highest ethical standards in all conduct.

  • Work with RFE/RL language services on joint content development, production, distribution, and promotion. Help develop and implement new tools for reporting.

  • Work closely with RFE/RL's Russian Investigative Unit to help develop, produce, publish, and promote impactful investigations.

  • Coordinate with RFE/RL's External Affairs to enhance the organization's public outreach. Be an effective public speaker. Represent Current Time at trade conferences and meetings with various stakeholders.

  • Be a mentor. Seek training opportunities for yourself and Current Time staff. Serve as a coach and trainer for colleagues across RFE/RL and at external training seminars.


  • Bachelor or Master's degree in journalism, mass communications, international relations, or related field or the equivalent in experience.

  • Social media/journalism/communications experience and expertise in a fast-paced organization with tight deadlines.

  • Broad knowledge of political, economic, and social situations in the broadcast area as well as international affairs acquired through studies, research, writing, travel, or other relevant experience or exposure.

  • Previous experience working in public or non-profit sector environment. (3-5 years), desirable

  • Extensive knowledge of and experience in communication strategies, including communication policies development.

  • Experience in organizing, running, and evaluating digital and social media initiatives of small and large scale in local and international environment.

  • Strong ability to establish contacts, work with and further develop media affiliates network in international environment. Experience in fostering key relationships.

  • Knowledge of the principles and practices of journalism, having a solid communication and marketing background.

  • Previous experience working in a multicultural or a multinational environment; or experience living and working abroad,

  • Organization & planning skills at a managerial level, People Management, Presentation skills


  • Russian language (Proficient), mandatory

  • English language (Proficient), mandatory

Job position benefits

Home office Sick days Contributions to sport, culture or past time activities Courses and training Extra holidays Meal vouchers or meal contributions Retirement or life insurance contributions

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