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The company Brokertrade was founded in 2008, originally as an association of investment brokers. It was transformed into Brokertrade s. r. o. in March 2009 and is owned by two founding members. Since then, we have consistantly offered complex financial...

Rsj Invest, a.s.

Rsj Invest, a. s. is a licensed brokerage that has been operating in the Czech Republic since 1995. The firm specialises in asset management, applying the latest methods in financial mathematics and probability theory to investment practice. The firm is...

Bohm & Partner

An inseparable part of your happy life is the material security for you, your family and your near and dear ones. And the days will come when you will enjoy the fruits of what you have gained during your professional life. Investments on the capital...

Global Brokers, a.s.

We have been active in the Czech capital market as a licensed securities dealer since 1994.   We are a charter member of the Czech Association of Securities Dealers and a member and shareholder of the Prague Stock Exchange.

Katnek Securities, a.s.

From its establishment in the year 1993 the company was a member and later also a shareholder of the Stock Exchange Praha, a. s. Up to January 1999 it was active in the capital market of the Czech Republic. Owing to the fact that it was authorised by the...

Cyrrus, a.s.

The company was founded in České Budějovice in 1995 when it acquired a Stockbrokerage Licence awarded by the Ministry of Finance. The basic capital of the company amounted to 1 million Czech Crowns at the time. There was a change in the ownership...

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The Investment Club Network