Breweries in Prague and within the Czech Republic.

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Pivovarsky Dum

Immediately after its opening in 1998, this microbrewery and restaurant became a real hot spot.   The microbrewery - dominating the restaurant interior - offers seven kinds of beer. Try our Czech style classic lager, dark and light, or some specialty...

Staropramen Pivovary (Brewery)

Pivovary Staropramen is the second largest beer producer in the Czech Republic, with a 14% share of the domestic market. Our beers are brewed according to original recipes, preserving traditional brewing procedures, and with emphasis on selection of...

U Tří růží

The unique atmosphere of an Old-prague brewery

Novoměstský Pivovar

New Town Restaurant Brewery is a unique restaurant and microbrewery in the city center. Come and enjoy the atmosphere of the restaurant in Prague 1, which specializes in traditional Czech cuisine - classic soup, beef, stew or specialties such as confit of...

New Town Brewery

Introducing a unique culinary experience located right in the centre of Prague, about 400 m away from Wenceslas Square - the first New Town Restaurant Brewery, founded in 1993. The popularity of beer has been well documented for several generations of...

Jihoměstská restaurace

Jihoměstský pivovar je pivovarem restauračním. Co to znamená? Že vám nabízí posezení v příjemném prostředí u kvalitního piva, které si sami vaříme přímo v prostorách restaurace Pivo se vaří v nádherných měděných varnách, ty navrhl známý milovník piva a...

Plzensky Prazdroj

Plzensky Prazdroj is the leading brewery in central and Eastern Europe. The company has the highest beer sales and is the largest Czech beer exporter, selling to almost 50 countries worldwide.

Pivovar Jihlava

The oldiest mention of Jihlavas malt-housing is probably in a town book from the 14th century. There rised according to another crafts a malt-housing guild from an open association of malt-housers and breweries. There were first real malt-housing statues...

Mestansky pivovar Havlickuv Brod

The history of brewing in Havlíčkově Brodě In the year 1333 the Bohemian king John of Luxembourg granted to Jindrich of Lipa, the then lord of Nemecky Brod, a royal set of rules for the town containing the right to brew beer. It concerned the...

Zamecka Schwarzenberg Brewery

In about 1500 Vilem of Perštejn had a brewery built beneath the castle in which 120 batches of beer annually - i. e. 1 batch every third day. About 30 beer casks could be filled from one batch. These were made by the brewery´ own cooper - cask-maker....

The Royal Brewery of Krusovice

The Královský Pivovar Krušovice (the Royal Brewery of Krušovice) is one of the oldest breweries in the Czech Republic. The brewery was established in 1517 when the Svatováclavská Contract enabled the aristocracy to brew beer on their own farms....

Pivovar Nymburk

Beginning of Beer Brewing at Nymburk to trace back the beginning of beer brewing at Nymburk and its neighbourhood is for us from the historical point of view very diffcult. We cannot say exactly and unequivocally when, where and who began brewing beer in...

Regent Brewery

Regent Brewery the Bohemia Regent a. s. is a share holding company which is the owner of the Regent brewery at Třeboň since August 7th, 2000

Pivovar Nachod

Fine beer from Nachod the rights for beer brewing were given to the town of Náchod many centuries ago. The times when beer was brewed in burgess houses were finished by the decision to built the town's brewery. This decision was adopted at meeting of the...

Pivovar Eggenberg

Eggenberg beer brewing tradition in Ceský Krumlov goes back to 1336 when the citizens were granted a charter to make malt and brew and sell beer. In 1560 a new brewery was built using high-quality water

Pivovar Zubr

Pivovar Zubr

Drinks Union

Drinks Union



Pivovar Ferdinand

Ferdinand the origin of brewing in Benešov, especially its oldest roots, will probably remain unknown. This originally feudal right was gradually transferred to the hands of burgesses, and from the end of the 14th century this right became a burgess...

Svijany Brewery

The Svijany brewery is situated in a small village not far from Turnov. It officially belongs to the District of Liberec. This brewery is considered one of the oldest breweries in the Czech Republic.

Pivovar Cerna Hora

Five centuries on the draft The brewery Černá Hora is one of the last breweries in Moravia and Bohemia, which is preserved till nowadays in its original design, as built by its founders almost 500 years ago.

Budweiser Budvar

About Budweiser Budvar the quality and reputation of Budejovice beer, whose history dates back to the 13th century, led to the original, and often copied and imitated recipe and name.

Opat Brewery

Opat Brewery the oldest history of brewing in Broumov and the neighbourhood.

Vyskov Brewery

The beer brewing in Vyškov has a long tradition dated back to medieval times. When bearing in mind that the Bishop Tas of Boskovice restored in 1460 the Vyškov burghers' brewing right extinguished during the Hussite Wars, it is evident that beer had been...