Freestylers Swimming

Freestylers Swimming

Podolská 43/72, Praha 5, 15000

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We want you to be better at swimming. We are here for newbies, intermediates and advanced swimmers to get better technique and improve performance. With our plans, you can achieve skills you never had before. We provide you with a complete swimming experience. Stop by in Prague for top-notch coaching.

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Great swimming experience

Reviewed by user 03.09.2022
I started learning swimming completely as a beginner with no experience of even holding a breath under water but joining swimtime classes completely changed it all. Now I have learned 2 swimming styles breaststroke and crawling, I never thought I will be able to make it in such a short period of time although as its said the more you practice the more you are conditioned and its all just bcoz of my coach Lukas who I believe is the best coach.... read more
Response from owner: Thank you Priyanka for the review :)


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