Auto Consulting

Auto Consulting

Hartigova 2502/250, Praha 3, 13000 Now open - closes at 17:00

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Consulting on car selection:

- We will help to decide what vehicle model you should look for following your preferences
- We will find 3-5 variants currently available for sale
- We will check technical details mentioned for each car in sale
- We will take care about every contact with the seller

Careful technical check:

- We will check if the car has ever been crashed or repainted
- We will check if the advertised mileage corresponds to the current condition of the car
- We will carefully check the car technical condition
- We will provide computer diagnostics
- We will negotiate a price with a seller
- We will estimate future service and insurance costs

MOT (STK) and registration:

- You don't know how to register a car or to do a MOT? Leave it with us
- Quickly and without any concerns from your side
- Leave us your car in the morning and pick it up already in the afternoon

Assistance in car sales:

- We will check the car conditions and estimate its market value
- We will take care of everything - advertising, calls/emails, negotiations, paper work
- Car remains with you until it's sold
- We will help you to sale it for a more advantageous price than any car seller

Additional assistance:

- Contact us with any question related to the used cars market and we will assist or provide you with the relative information

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Perfect for buying used car

Reviewed by Dmitry Bespalov 01.08.2022
Autoconsult mi pomohl koupit již 2 auta. Oba vozy jsou v perfektním stavu a velmi spolehlivé. Doporučuji. I bought already 2 cats with guys. Both volvo and mazda mx5 are in good condition and reliable. Recommend!


Reviewed by Noe Pinto del Corral 28.04.2021
Very professional, quick and efficient. I would recommend to everyone.


Reviewed by Noe Pinto del Corral 28.04.2021
Very professional, quick and efficient. I would recommend to everyone.


Reviewed by Petar Stoilov 19.03.2021
I can truly vouch for all of the previous ratings and comments but I also want add another perspective - in my case Denis helped with the sale of my used car and I am happy to say that everything went smooth and quite fast actually. Denis was able to quickly analyse the state of the car and found details even I had no idea about which helped us set an appropriate price and find a new owner. He facilitated the whole process and there was... read more

Highly Recommended: Friendly and professional

Reviewed by user 18.01.2021
I had a very good experience with Denis. The service is worth every Penny. You'll get: 1.) good recommendations which cars to pick for your use case while being maintainable. At the same time he'll help you avoid bad cars, that have known recalls or simply tend to break more often. 2.) affordable car inspection. Denis knows what to look for in cars. We inspected about 5 cars and found numerous lemons (bad cars). He finds issues quickly... read more


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