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About Martina Barabas (me)
  • What I teach Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, Meditation
  • Instructions inCzech, English
  • Native languageCzech
  • NationalityCzech
  • Group teachingyes
Hobbies: Yoga, Running, Healthy Lifestyle, Travel
Where I teach
  • LocationPrague
  • Prague district1
  • Preferred settingAt my location
  • Do I commute?yes
Lessons take place in a yoga studio near Náměstí Republiky but I can also come to your home in Prague.
  • 45 minutes-
  • 60 minutes800 CZK
  • 90 minutes1200 CZK
  • 120 minutes1500 CZK
Above rates are for private yoga sessions. Discounts available if you book a package of 3 (5%), 5 (10%) or 10 (15%) classes. Group lessons are 200 - 250 CZK per person.
Hello everyone,

Have you been thinking about starting your yoga or meditation practice but do you struggle to find enough yoga lessons in English?

I am an international yoga teacher who has just returned back to my home town Prague after 12 years of living abroad. I love teaching private yoga lessons, because that enables me to design the lesson in such a way that it gives you what you are looking for from your yoga practice. Whether you are looking to build more strength and flexibility in your body, slow down your mind and feel less stress in your daily life, or whether you are looking to ease some pains (physical or emotional), I can design your lesson accordingly.

I teach Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga and Meditation. In your lesson, all three can be practiced separately, or combined, for example first starting with Hatha Yoga and then slowly transitioning into Meditation.

Hatha Yoga is a more active, muscular practice that helps us to build strength and flexibility in the body, as well as body awareness. It also helps us to re-establish a connection between our body and mind.
Yin Yoga, on the other hand, is a deep body and mind relaxation technique where we don´t move much. We stay longer in each pose with our muscles relaxed, targeting the deeper layers of our body. It is in these deeper layers where we typically store our unprocessed emotions. By applying mild and long-held pressure, we will slowly allow these emotions to surface, resulting in a deep relaxation of the body and mind.
Meditation is a practice of concentration that helps us to create space between our thoughts and to separate ourselves from our thoughts and emotions that we tend to react to impulsively.

I also teach English-led group lessons every Wednesday at 17:30 and Friday at 15:30 at Centrum Aurelie near Náměstí Republiky which you can reserve on the studio's website or by contacting me directly.

My teaching experience

  • Experience3-5 years
  • Certification- 200 hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training - 200 hour Hatha Vinyasa Teacher Training - 60 hour Thai Yoga Massage

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