Learn Music from Xueer (MA, BA in Piano Performance)

Learn Music from Xueer (MA, BA in Piano Performance)

Piano PerformanceandVocal PerformanceandMusic TheoryandMusic LiteratureandCompositionteacher

I commute under mutually agreed terms to students' homes.
About Xueer Chen (me)
  • What I teach Piano Performance, Vocal Performance, Music Theory, Music Literature, Composition
  • Instructions inChinese, English
  • Native languageChinese, English
  • Group teachingyes
Where I teach
  • LocationPrague
  • Prague district5
  • Preferred settingAway from my location
  • Do I commute?yes
  • 45 minutes-
  • 60 minutes1200 CZK
  • 90 minutes-
  • 120 minutes-
Unfortunately I don't offer free trial lesson, but a discounted one at 300czk/30mins. Other discounts are available when 7+ lessons are booked in advance.
Hello expats from all over the world,

Thank you for considering music education for either yourself or someone whom you love, I'm advertising here for my private one-on-one or group lessons on the topics of piano performance, music literature, music theory and improvisation. Additionally I teach singing-songwriting.

My name is Xueer, I had more than 20 years of performance experience as a pianist primarily speaking, and multi-facade artist. I studied under Dr. Ying Tian, Dr. D. Shteinberg, Dr. T. Morgulis in the States for my BA and MA in piano performance. During my study I was an active chamber music collaborator as well as contemporary music supporter. I worked with various instrumentalists and chamber ensembles such as nu, AURA and students orchestras. I enjoy premiering original compositions as well as playing classical-period music written by Mozart and Beethoven. I'm a 'fan' of J.S Bach, too.

My approach when teaching each student differs in terms of repertoire choices and practice plans. Whereas the foundational philosophy that inspires my speech and demonstrations by/ on the keyboard during each lesson is to discover and nurture something my students are learning to see and experience themselves. The 'magic' of music performance are commonly regarded such as a career, an ability to produce technically challenging compositions or a glamorous lifestyle supported by raw talent. Of course I disagree with any opinion which reduces music performance to either one singular perspective listed earlier. Because after having worked and surveyed the local "international (music) education" market within the past 5 years of my living in Prague, I'm more and more convinced that in order to 'minister' the pedagogical practices I'm passionate about, which is holistically personal and original, I must represent myself.

I do enjoy teaching children. Locally speaking, I've been teaching multi-lingual children for more than 3 years while during my study in the US my pedagogical training had been consistent via weekly studio/master classes. I'm fluent in various introductory learning methods for young children (age 10 or under), and am quite patient and compassionate. There's no prerequisite about a pupil's age but it's his or her ability to concentrate that determines whether the timing is right for private lessons. Furthermore, parents' support and understanding are also crucial to the musical development and growth of their children. One reminder I'd like to share with you here is that just like any other learning experience you've had in the past, learning to master an instrumental performance skill requires self-discipline. My role is to guide and provide feedback to my students in order to educate. I encourage my students to develop confidence and independence during their own study and musical interpretation.

So if you or someone you know/ love would like to begin a journey to unveil the world of music and (piano/ vocal) performance, or wanting to pursue academic opportunities in English-speaking countries and particularly in the US, I'm here to offer you my expertise. I welcome you for inquiries about lessons and look forward to hearing from you!

My teaching experience

  • My educationMA Piano Performance, University of Houston, 2017 BA Piano Performance, UNCSA, 2015
  • Experience5+ years
  • ReferencesISMFA (former employer)
  • CertificationRebecca Penneys' Piano Festival

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