Bel canto singing lessons NOW ON-LINE

Bel canto singing lessons NOW ON-LINE


Classical bel canto singing is the ultimate wholistic experience of presence
About Martin Vodrážka (me)
  • What I teach Singing
  • Instructions inCzech, Italian, English
  • Native languageCzech
  • NationalityCzech
Hobbies: My work - singing and voice pedagogy, cooking, nature, literature, travel, sailing.
Where I teach
  • LocationPrague
  • Prague district2
  • Preferred settingAt my location
  • Do I commute?yes
  • 45 minutes-
  • 60 minutes800 CZK
  • 90 minutes-
  • 120 minutes-
24 hour full cancellation fee is charged with exemption of unforseen ilness
Hi. My name is Martin Vodrážka, I am a classical singer, teacher, and coach. In my teaching, I take advantage of the best I have learned from my great teachers from Czechia, and my studies with international teachers, from Italy, Brazil, and the U.S. In my own training I have come several times to limits of understanding of how the body as the instrument really works. So I turned to research and study of anatomy of the voice, physiology, vocal acoustics, and voice science in general, and importantly texts of great teachers of the golden age of bel canto singing.

Learning to sing is a unique dicipline to any other music making, or playing an instrument. In learning to sing we simultaneously build, and strenghten the instrument itself, while we learn to play it. The instrument that is inside the body, and we can say IS the entire body.

Vocal pedagogy has experienced a lengthy period of generally spread misconceptions, worldwide, with various local specifics. Many myths have been passed from teacher to student to become the next teacher etc. With today's resources, we can get many of thy myths out of the way and thus directly built the true functional mechanisms, and aim directly to comand the true functional principles.

It is an indeed adventurous and exciting journey!!

My teaching experience

  • My educationPrague Academy of Performing Arts, University of North Texas College of Music, Palacky University
  • Experience5+ years
  • References international singing studio with students from Czechia, Slovakia, Austria, Sweeden, Mexico, U.S.
  • CertificationM.M. / MgA.

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