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About Eva Howlings (me)
  • What I teach English
  • Instructions inEnglish
  • Native languageDanish, English
  • NationalityDanish
  • Group teachingyes
  • Online teachingyes
Where I teach
  • LocationPrague
  • Prague district1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
  • Preferred settingTo be agreed
  • Do I commute?yes
  • 45 minutes-
  • 60 minutes800 CZK
  • 90 minutes-
  • 120 minutes1500 CZK
Price goes down and learning improves with a PACKAGE of 10 progressive lessons.
I've lived in Prague since 2001 and am half Czech. I've been doing business here since then and learned a lot about the needs of Czech businesspeople: where they need improvement, and how best to help them reach their goals.

I work as a writer and teach at CVUT, the best technical university (CVUT). I helped develop the online learning platform Off2class, that students use to keep improving even when not in a lesson with me.

Most importantly of all: I understand the classic grammar and vocabulary mistakes Czechs makes when speaking English. I know WHY they make these mistakes and I know HOW to correct them. With just a few of my targetted courses, the Czenglish is gone - leaving a person who sounds much more fluent than they expected.

I speak Czech, but teach in English and only to students who are at least B1. My specialty is taking these people from OK to great.
I am also a life coach and have developed a program that helps you reach personal & business goals WHILE improving your English at the same time.
The prices above do not apply to that.

My teaching experience

  • My educationBA Anthropology
    Coach Certification
    ESL Certification
  • Experience5+ years
  • ReferencesCVUT
    Ferrero Rocher
  • CertificationTEFL The Language House Certified Coach Practitioner: Academy of Coaching Excellence

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