Business English + Professional Skills – With A Native Speaker

Business English + Professional Skills – With A Native Speaker


About Andrew (me)
  • What I teach English
  • Instructions inEnglish
  • Native languageEnglish
  • NationalityBritish
  • Group teachingyes
  • Online teachingyes
Where I teach
  • LocationPrague
  • Preferred settingTo be agreed
  • Do I commute?yes
  • 45 minutes-
  • 60 minutes990 CZK
  • 90 minutes-
  • 120 minutes-
You’re in a top-level global meeting. Do you feel like you CAN’T make a contribution? 😞

You’re asked a question by the CEO – are you too EMBARRASSED to speak? 🤭

You’re talking to suppliers on a Zoom call. Their English is PERFECT, and they know EXACTLY WHAT TO SAY to get what they want. What do you do? 🤔

These are just a few REAL situations my students found themselves in. Happily, they came to me – and we worked on TURNING IT ALL AROUND. 😀

➡️ How did we do this? Through my results-centred blend of COMMUNICATION SKILLS + the ENGLISH to MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Whether we work together in one to one lessons – or you buy one of my online courses – you get:

✅ Situation SPECIFIC communication skills
✅ Tips and habits that will last a lifetime – GIVING you the EDGE you need
✅ The English VOCABULARY and SCRIPTS to bring it all together

Work with me personally and REINFORCE your learnings through:

✅ ROLE-PLAY – you’re prepared to handle even the TOUGHEST SITUATIONS with MINIMUM STRESS 😎

✅ A DEEPER DIVE into the English + skills you need to OVERCOME your career OBSTACLES

If you follow my guidance –– using all the materials I give you to make YOUR CAREER a SUCCESS –– and you’re still not happy? I offer a 30-day 💯% money-back guarantee. ☺️

🏁GET STARTED NOW! I'd love to see how I can help you!

My teaching experience

  • My education* 20 years helping high performers achieve success
  • Experience5+ years
  • References
Here’s what the students say about my presentations trainings:

    “I have learned how to make my presentations engaging, how to keep the audience’s attention while staying on-message. Andrew makes lessons interesting by providing different topics and multimedia content as well as an emphasis on rehearsing. He has helped me a lot, especially with structure and techniques when giving presentations.”

    Adriana Dergam, Head of Corporate Communications, Sustainability & Innovation at Vodafone Czech Republic

    “In our lessons we concentrate on presentations – not only to be excellent in English, but also to make a presentation interesting, to focus on the most important points and communicate well with the audience.  

    Whenever I ask him for help, he is always supportive and ready to suggest some solutions. I mostly appreciate his professional experience and ability to create a pleasant working atmosphere.”
    Jan Moser, Group CFO Albatros Media a.s.

    “I had the opportunity to take coaching lessons with Andrew and it was absolutely amazing.

    Andrew moved me to the next level of experience and made me think in advance about the various aspects of presentation, communication with people and more. Straightforward and dynamic, up-to-date information from market, tips & tricks, I like that. I think I will address him again in the future. A BIG THANK YOU Andrew :) “

    Jan Lantora, Sales Supervisor, Boston Scientific


    What they say about my student-centred training:

    “Andrew has tremendous general knowledge. During our sessions we’ve covered various topics from communication skills, through to management, and even to philosophical questions of life.

    I find his framework for presentation very helpful. With a mixture of English grammar and practice, you get so much more than traditional language lessons. Take yourself to the next level!”
    Jiri Hejl, Digital Marketing, Head of Accounts @ Fragile Media

“Since Andrew started cooperating with mBlue one year ago, I can recommend his good overview of business, including HR. We focus mostly on training in sales skills, negotiation, handling objections, business calls, etc.

    Andrew always pushes me to be ready for the lesson, and brings practical exercises that I appreciate in real everyday business with our English-speaking clients.”
    Eva Hnilicova, MBlue

“What I appreciate about Andrew is his ability to adapt our English lessons to my personal needs, and include topics related to managerial skills (e.g. GTD or presentation skills).

    Furthermore, I would like to point out his organized approach to building vocabulary which is, in my view, not only unique, but also highly effective.

    Andrew is a skilled professional with a broad spectrum of knowledge and experience. Someone who keeps in mind your questions and always brings answers.”

    Marcela Fialova, Managing Director, CZ at PrimeVigilance

    “Andrew combines communication skills (DISC, presentations, emails, etc.) with specific English vocabulary for different situations.

    He has also improved the accuracy and fluency of my spoken English. He is responsive to whatever topic or need I have, and has a good rapport with my team, who are also his students. Highly recommended.”

    Kamil Mahovský, General manager at mBlue Czech s.r.o.


    On my sales and negotiations training:

    “I have been working with Andrew for several months to improve my business negotiation skills. He is an active listener who always tailors the lesson to the client’s needs.

    After a few months working together, I can now see the first results that help me in my job. I appreciate his strong theoretical background and client-centric approach. So, if you want to get coaching in English that gets results, give it a try with Andrew.”

    Ondrej Rutkovsky, Headhunter Executive Search

    “Andrew is very straightforward and sometimes also quite strict coach. I like that because his methods works. We have prepared together for sales meetings.

    First we put together what we want to say at the beginning, how to probe and how to close a deal. He has prescribed and very strict structure for all these situations.

    Then we have trained that again and again in role playing. At the end when I had a business meeting with an important client I was confident in my speech and I don't have to worry about my English all the time.”

    Vít Vávra, Consultant Senior ve společnosti Granton Consulting
    On my careers development training:

    “Andrew is an inspirational coach who helped me tremendously during a critical point of career change. My experiences with Andrew have been nothing but positive and are always filled with learning.
    Gabor Pullen, Market and Consumer Insights, International Retail Expansion

    “I was very pleased to work with Andrew as he has helped me enormously. He gave me many good ideas and taught me how to deal with some difficult situations I face in my work. I really liked his style- very free and friendly. Every session with him was very natural and beneficial. I would certainly recommend him!”

    Lucy Kluchova, Acquiring and E-Commerce

“Andrew is a very practical coach who can tailor his coaching to suit your needs. In coaching me for a management careers seminar, I learnt a great deal about my own abilities and how best to present them for assessment.

    I especially appreciated his constructive feedback on one of my presentations, which was a big success. Andrew was flexible and did not hesitate to provide remote support – on the phone and by email – outside office hours.

    If you are looking for someone to help you advance your career, Andrew is the person to call.”
    Vojta Vlcek, Tender Strategy Manager, Arriva

If you think I can help you, why not get in touch?
  • CertificationBA (Hons), TEFL Certififcate

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