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Home Sweet Home
At Home Sweet Home you'll find a group of open-minded young professionals with a new take on the real estate business.
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Location: Praha, Ovenecká
Rooms: 4+kk
Size (m2): 100 m2
Location: Praha, Radlická
Rooms: 4+kk
Size (m2): 115 m2
Location: Praha, Na hájku
Rooms: 3+kk
Size (m2): 66 m2
Location: Praha, Zákostelní
Rooms: 4+kk
Size (m2): 119 m2
Location: Praha, Boleslavova
Rooms: 3+kk
Size (m2): 130 m2
Location: Praha, Šárecká
Rooms: 4+kk
Size (m2): 103 m2
Location: Praha (Praha 3), Olgy Havlové
Rooms: 3+kk
Size (m2): 89 m2
Location: Praha (Praha 5), Janáčkovo nábřeží
Rooms: 3+1
Size (m2): 120 m2
Location: Praha (Praha 2), Odborů
Rooms: 3+1
Size (m2): 126 m2
Location: Praha (Praha 1), Václavské náměstí
Location: Praha (Praha 3), Bořivojova
Rooms: Studio
Size (m2): 25 m2
Location: Praha (Praha 7), Šmeralova
Rooms: 5+kk
Size (m2): 135 m2
Location: Praha (Praha 5), Štefánikova
Location: Praha (Praha 1), Rybná
Rooms: 3+kk
Size (m2): 86 m2
Location: Praha (Praha-Zlicin), Ringhofferova
Location: Průhonice, Sadová
Rooms: 6+1
Size (m2): 380 m2
Location: Praha (Praha 5), Karla Engliše
Rooms: 2+kk
Size (m2): 60 m2
Location: Praha (Praha 4), Kloboučnická
Rooms: 3+kk
Size (m2): 81 m2
Location: Praha (Praha 2), Rašínovo nábřeží
Rooms: 2+1
Size (m2): 72 m2
Location: Praha (Praha 2), Rašínovo nábřeží
Rooms: 1+kk
Size (m2): 35 m2
Location: Průhonice
Rooms: 6+kk
Size (m2): 350 m2
Location: Praha (Praha 1), Široká
Rooms: Larger than 9+2
Size (m2): 219 m2
Location: Praha (Praha 9), Pod pekárnami
Location: Praha (Praha 1), Široká
Rooms: 5+1
Size (m2): 197 m2