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    81 offers found
    Location: Mikulášovice
    Size (m2): 1080 m2
    Location: Praha (Praha-Lysolaje)
    Size (m2): 3269 m2
    Location: Orlík nad Vltavou
    Location: Nehvizdy
    Size (m2): 903 m2
    Land, 845 m2 - just 15 minutes from Prague
    4,206,800 CZK total
    Location: Kralupy nad Vltavou
    Land for Sale, Prague 5.
    Price on request
    Location: Praha (Praha 5), Zapova
    Size (m2): 622 m2
    Sale, land 1328 m2, Vysoky Ujezd
    3,540,400 CZK
    Location: Vysoký Újezd, Vysoký Újezd
    Size (m2): 1328 m2
    Location: Statenice, Nad Vinicí
    Size (m2): 2231 m2
    Sale, land, Kozarovice
    Price on request
    Location: Kozárovice, Kozárovice
    Size (m2): 28536 m2
    A plot for sale near the forest - 1,000 m2
    3,200,000 CZK total
    Location: Louňovice, Sluneční
    Size (m2): 1000 m2
    Location: Praha (Praha 4), Steplingova
    Size (m2): 567 m2
    Location: Praha (Praha 4), Steplingova
    Location: Psáře
    Size (m2): 1608 m2
    Location: Budčeves
    Size (m2): 505 m2
    Location: Praha (Praha-Sterboholy), K lesíku
    Location: Klecany
    Size (m2): 18440 m2
    Location: Sedlec-Prčice
    Size (m2): 10000 m2
    Structural land in Černé Budy, Sázava
    1,689,000 CZK total
    18th July
    Location: Sázava
    Size (m2): 1240 m2
    Plot for sale 2 407 m2
    3,500,000 CZK total
    18th July
    Location: Louňovice, Kutnohorská
    Size (m2): 2407 m2
    Location: Čerčany
    Size (m2): 1210 m2
    Location: Čerčany
    Size (m2): 800 m2
    Sale of a land, 1.421 sqm, Libeř
    3,978,800 CZK total
    18th July
    Location: Libeř
    Size (m2): 1421 m2
    Location: Praha (Praha 4)
    Size (m2): 757 m2
    Location: Ostředek
    Size (m2): 886 m2
    Sale, land, Drahelčice
    2,780,000 CZK
    17th July
    Location: Drahelčice, Višňovka
    Size (m2): 1432 m2