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    79 offers found
    Location: Praha (Praha 5), Šafránkova
    Size (m2): 0 m2
    Location: Statenice
    Size (m2): 1652 m2
    Location: Kvilda
    Size (m2): 75460 m2
    Corner plot in Hodkovicky
    Price on request
    Location: Praha (Praha 4), Nad Lesem
    Size (m2): 995 m2
    Location: Kutná Hora
    Size (m2): 16000 m2
    Stavební pozemek 1020 m2, Modřany
    10,710,000 CZK
    Location: Praha (Praha 4), Do koutů
    Stavební pozemek 709 m2, Modřany
    8,153,500 CZK
    Location: Praha (Praha 4), Do koutů
    attic space, sale, for reconstruction
    9,900,000 CZK
    15th November
    Location: Praha (Praha 3), Seifertova
    Size (m2): 227 m2
    Sale, land 1244 sq m, Uvaly
    4,345,000 CZK
    15th November
    Location: Úvaly, Dobročovická
    Size (m2): 1244 m2
    Sale of a land of 4,120 sqm, Nová Paka
    2,184,630 CZK total
    15th November
    Location: Nová Paka
    Size (m2): 4120 m2
    Location: Březová-Oleško, Nová
    Size (m2): 2095 m2
    Location: Křečovice
    Size (m2): 5161 m2
    Sale of a land, 1.421 sqm, Libeř
    3,990,000 CZK total
    15th November
    Location: Libeř
    Size (m2): 1421 m2
    Location: Praha (Praha 5), Radlická
    Sale of land 7 647 m2
    22,900,000 CZK
    15th November
    Location: Říčany, Strašínská
    Sale of land 803 m2 Tehov
    2,700,000 CZK
    15th November
    Location: Tehov
    Location: Dýšina
    Size (m2): 13627 m2
    Sale of two cottages on the land of 873 sqm
    1,990,000 CZK total
    14th November
    Location: Březová-Oleško, Dubí II.
    Size (m2): 873 m2
    Location: Loučná pod Klínovcem
    Size (m2): 2400 m2
    Sale of land 1581 m2 Tehov u Říčan
    3,850,000 CZK
    14th November
    Location: Tehov
    Stavební pozemek 809 m2, Modřany
    9,303,500 CZK
    14th November
    Location: Praha (Praha 4), Do koutů
    Location: Orlík nad Vltavou
    Location: Trnová, Trnová
    Size (m2): 4093 m2
    Location: Praha (Praha 4), Nad lesem
    Size (m2): 995 m2
    Land 25 315, Prague 10
    930 CZK for m2
    13th November
    Location: Praha (Praha-Dubec)
    Size (m2): 25315 m2