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    251 offers found
    Location: Praha, Na hájku
    Rooms: 3+kk
    Size (m2): 66 m2
    Location: Praha, Zákostelní
    Rooms: 4+kk
    Size (m2): 119 m2
    Location: Praha, Boleslavova
    Rooms: 3+kk
    Size (m2): 130 m2
    Location: Praha, Šárecká
    Rooms: 4+kk
    Size (m2): 103 m2
    Unique luxurious villa in Hanspaulka
    Price on request
    15th January
    Location: Praha (Praha 6)
    Size (m2): 538 m2
    Location: Praha
    Rooms: 7+kk
    Size (m2): 383 m2
    Location: Smečno, Přelícká
    Rooms: Studio
    Size (m2): 200 m2
    Location: Statenice, Zelená
    Rooms: 5+1
    Size (m2): 284 m2
    Location: Kralupy nad Vltavou, Veltruská
    Rooms: Studio
    Size (m2): 430 m2
    Location: Praha (Praha 10), Dačická
    Rooms: Studio
    Size (m2): 429 m2
    Location: Nehvizdy, Pražská
    Rooms: Studio
    Size (m2): 90 m2
    Location: Senohraby, Na Ježově
    Rooms: Studio
    Size (m2): 252 m2
    Sale, villa 6+1, Skrivanova
    29,990,000 CZK
    15th January
    Location: Jesenice, Skřivanová
    Rooms: 6+1
    Size (m2): 345 m2
    Location: Hnojice
    Rooms: Studio
    Size (m2): 2500 m2
    Sale, villa 6+kk, Villas Kejruv Park
    24,499,000 CZK
    15th January
    Location: Praha (Praha 9), Nademlejnská
    Rooms: 6+kk
    Size (m2): 206 m2
    Sale, villa 5+kk, Villas Kejruv Park
    14,799,000 CZK
    15th January
    Location: Praha (Praha 9), Nademlejnská
    Rooms: 5+kk
    Size (m2): 141 m2
    Location: Praha (Praha 2), Polská
    Rooms: 6+1
    Size (m2): 400 m2
    Location: Praha (Praha 4), Úhlová
    Rooms: 5+kk
    Size (m2): 450 m2
    Location: Praha (Praha 4), Nad Údolím
    Rooms: 6+1
    Size (m2): 386 m2
    Location: Praha (Praha 20), Ke Xaverovu
    Rooms: Larger than 9+2
    Size (m2): 287 m2
    Location: Velké Přílepy, Wichterleho
    Rooms: Studio
    Size (m2): 231 m2
    Location: Praha (Praha 4), Exnárova
    Rooms: Studio
    Size (m2): 111 m2
    Location: Praha (Praha 6), V Šáreckém údolí
    Size (m2): 164 m2
    Location: Praha (Praha 5), Jinonická
    Size (m2): 576 m2
    Location: Praha (Praha 6), Hřebenová
    Size (m2): 475 m2