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    261 offers found
    Location: Praha (Praha 5), Přímá
    Rooms: Studio
    Size (m2): 300 m2
    Prodej, rodinný dům 4+1, Měchenice, 120 m2
    5,890,000 CZK total
    20th October
    Location: Měchenice, M. J. Hurta
    Rooms: Studio
    Size (m2): 120 m2
    Location: Praha (Praha 14), Podedvorská
    Rooms: 3+kk
    Size (m2): 486 m2
    Location: Libomyšl
    Rooms: 7+kk
    Size (m2): 329 m2
    Location: Křenice, Horácká
    Rooms: 4+kk
    Size (m2): 122 m2
    Location: Senohraby, Za starou poštou
    Rooms: Larger than 9+2
    Size (m2): 609 m2
    House of Thorns
    23,400,000 CZK
    20th October
    Location: Trnová
    Rooms: 5+1
    Size (m2): 696 m2
    Location: Dýšina, V. Brožíka
    Rooms: 5+1
    Size (m2): 170 m2
    Location: Černošice, Dr. Janského
    Rooms: 4+1
    Size (m2): 339 m2
    Location: Kopidlno, Na Sklípku
    Rooms: 6+1
    Size (m2): 663 m2
    Unique house surrounded by nature
    18,900,000 CZK
    19th October
    Location: Hřebeč, Smetanova
    Rooms: 6+kk
    Size (m2): 346 m2
    Location: Praha (Praha 8), Davídkova
    Rooms: 3+kk
    Size (m2): 814 m2
    Location: Tuchoměřice, U Hřiště
    Rooms: 4+1
    Size (m2): 184 m2
    Location: Dobříš, Rukavičkářská
    Rooms: 5+kk
    Size (m2): 168 m2
    Location: Roztoky, Bělina
    Rooms: Larger than 9+2
    Size (m2): 468 m2
    Location: Praha (Praha 2), Polská
    Rooms: 6+1
    Size (m2): 400 m2
    Sale, house 6+1, Průhonice
    28,500,000 CZK
    19th October
    Location: Průhonice, Jitrocelová
    Rooms: 6+kk
    Size (m2): 334 m2
    Location: Hostivice, Litovická
    Rooms: 4+1
    Size (m2): 187 m2
    Location: Křenice
    Rooms: Larger than 9+2
    Size (m2): 238 m2
    Location: Praha (Praha 6), Pod Vyhlídkou
    Rooms: 9+1
    Size (m2): 550 m2
    Location: Praha (Praha 6), Zbrojnická
    Rooms: 7+kk
    Size (m2): 279 m2
    Location: Kryry, 5. května
    Size (m2): 1330 m2
    Location: Sibřina, Kukuřičná
    Rooms: 7+1
    Size (m2): 360 m2
    Location: Starosedlský Hrádek
    Size (m2): 2600 m2
    Luxury vila 5+1, Statenice
    20,600,000 CZK total
    19th October
    Location: Statenice, Zelená
    Rooms: Studio
    Size (m2): 359 m2