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Hořc Keř (Burning Bush) with English subtitles?

Hi, Does anyone know if Hořící Keř (Burning Bush) is being screened anywhere in Prague with English subtitles? This is the new movie by the Polish director about Jan Palach. Thanks, AB

23:49:39 25.01.2013 AussieBoy

I'd like to watch this movie aswell with English subtitles, so if you find where to wacth could you write it here? Thanks!

22:12:40 05.02.2013 ikasten

I think it's not at cinemas now. There was one day premiere screening in January. And after that it's showed at HBO chanel now.

22:37:07 05.02.2013 Yvan

Thanks for that Yvan. I might wait until it becomes available online somewhere with matching English subtitles. If anyone else does find it, I would be interesting to learn about it.

23:10:43 05.02.2013 AussieBoy

Here there is an interview with the director Agnieszka Holland, who was the same age as Jan Palach and studying at FAMU in January 1969, has brought Palach's story to the screen for the first time. http://www.praguepost.com/tempo/15458-taking-inspiration-from-1969.html#.URuHHOHob5Q.facebook

21:12:57 13.02.2013 Yvan