Six Nations - live on which Czech tv channel?

I was wondering if anyone knows which local stations (if any) show the Six Nations rugby union games. If there are, what commentary is used, english or czech? thanks

10:22:43 24.02.2012 bigj425

Sounds like you should go to a expat sports bar.

10:40:51 24.02.2012 Kreatokefalo

are there any expat sports bars in Spindleruv mlyn?

10:52:14 24.02.2012 bigj425

11:11:45 24.02.2012 micktronix

that looks like a good site thanks, but unfortunately i wont have a fast enough internet connection in Spindle to stream it... hence the question about tv channels...

11:18:18 24.02.2012 bigj425

Nova Sports with English commentary via Sat TV, not sure about the commentary on cable.

11:19:53 24.02.2012 UK007

Nova Sport will be showing the games (in Czech). It's a paid channel.

11:36:22 24.02.2012 mxp_banned

Does not solve your problem but useful for future reference >

22:34:47 24.02.2012 hroch