Nigerians can be fun

I've got an ad on Expats to sell my iMac, and of course the first response I got was from a Nigerian sleazoid. I was having fun all day, back and forth with this clown... here, for your amusement are some of the (slightly redacted) email texts. 1: Hello Paul , I will like to know if this imac still available for sale ? Thanks Eng Ezekiel Reply: Yes, it's available Paul 2: Thank so much for your response,my name is Yuliya Mark from Cuba.But presently i am in Ontario,Canada for workshop training.i am buying this imac 24 for a church member that is missionary work to west africa.i will to know the total cost plus shipping cost.i will the payment via bank wire transfer from scotia bank here or paypal.i will prefer shipping with 5 to 7 days via Ems or dhl courier service.i want you to get back to me with bank details as procced with payment.i want the total cost in US dollar. Here is shipping address- Name-Mr Adeniyi David Address-Keystone Bank,ICT department City-Ogbomoso State-Oyo State Country-Nigeria Postal code-210001 Regards Yuliya Reply:You are welcome. The price is 20,000kc which is equal to $2,000. I will accept cash or PayPal, and will ship the item when payment is received. Let me know your preference. Regards, Paul 3:Ok am okay with the price 2000 paypal not working at moment cos i need activate my credit card,sign the security policy and it taking alot time.i will prefer bank wire transfer from scotia bank here.i want you to send me your full name ,bank name and addres,your account number,swift code of your bank so that i can go to bank tomorow morning to send the money to your account.i want the shipment to be done fast cos is urgently in need of it. Reply: Well, if you need this quickly, I'll be happy to ship the item COD, however you will have to send me the shipping fee of $200 in cash only. I can accept this via post or if you are in a hurry, you can send it via DHL. Regards 4: They dont allow such here and it riskly,i have never try before.why cant send your bank detail,then i send the money your account directly After this, I got bored...

21:28:21 19.01.2012 paulrm

you gotta stretch it out like :D

21:45:31 19.01.2012 musicsavedmylife2

yeah... I love that stuff, but this guy wasn't as much fun

21:50:02 19.01.2012 paulrm