STDs -Medicentrum (andel) - or other suggestions?

Hello everyone, Does anyone has been to Medicentrum in Novy Schichov (Andel) for STDs testing? Do they speak english? As per their website yes but I was wondering... Also, at what time I need to show off in order not too wait too long in the morning (since they don't make appointment)? I was there at 8:10am (open at 8am) and there was a long queue already. Do you have any other suggestions for these tests? Tried to google Apolinarska 4, praha 2 but not sure if they offer all the same tests as Medicentrum... Thanks in advance for info and help! Cheers

13:52:51 14.01.2012 bionic050

I go there once a year, they have never spoken English when i was there. They are quite nice though. Pretty straightforward process, don't think you need to talk much, though they do ask a few questions about your state of health. I've always gone between 11 and 1, never seen a queue or another person there. You should go in the mornings though, and it's usually a few days before you can call and get your results -- it is not as fast as the site implies. Also note that you need to not pee for at least 2 hours before going or the tests could be inaccurate. This is one of the things they will ask you, too. Good luck.

17:08:06 17.01.2012 Katka1980

Hello, I provide STD testing for men and women at my gynecological office. The charges per test are: HIV 440 Kč Syphilis 350 Kč Chlamydiae 350 Kč Gonorrhea 350 Kč Results are available immediately. Dr K. Bittmanová, gynecologist, Mánesova 64, 120 00 Praha 2, tel. 603 551393, or 222 724592

15:41:07 13.02.2012 kbittmanova