Did Shakespeare and Sons close?

Yesterday, Sunday, I stopped by at 11.10am, and the place was shut down like a fortress. Either the staff had a really good Sat night, or the place went as quietly and as meekly as Anagram. Does any one know, for sure? Besides Big Ben and Luxxor, where else can one get English language books in Praha?

09:45:41 05.12.2011 Sid Lickman

i heard the one near the Czech inn in P10 closed some time ago, shame loved that place for coffee and hanging out.:( try www.bookdepository.co.uk book shops are gonna suffer due to the kindle.

11:31:50 05.12.2011 musicsavedmylife2

I think it has just changed hands. Now it is called cafe v lese.

23:42:33 09.12.2011 kachko

SandS is still alive I guess I caught em at a bad time last week

18:56:29 10.12.2011 Sid Lickman

The location in Vrsovice has been closed since August 2010. The location in Mala Strana is alive and well and expanded now to two floors. www.shakes.cz

14:30:38 24.12.2011 laurel_beth