wanted: actors, storytellers, comedians, and lunatics

Akanda presents Shoot Your Mouth Entertain us. One Night, one mic, one grand prize. The audience decides your fate. Your stories. Your jokes. No notes. No script. When Shoot Your Mouth starts, political correctness goes out the door, only the audience will judge if you´ve crossed too far over the line. Some of the most entertaining people we know are those who have been through enough life experience to know that the only way to survive in this world is to make fun of it all. Bring your stories, jokes, and absurd moments in life to the stage, join us once a month, and Shoot Your Mouth off. To sign up for your 15 minutes of fame email: jeff@akanda.cz

00:09:04 12.10.2011 akanda

I don´t need a stage to shoot my mouth off :-) the world is my stage.....

07:35:08 12.10.2011 JIZEK