Preparing a book to sell on Amazon

Got a book in you? I know a lot of expats who do. I prepared an ebook recently for sale on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. If you are thinking about doing it too, here are some things I noticed that might be useful. The first thing you learn when you´re putting an ebook together is that the only thing you really have control over is the text. How it looks (font size, page layout, line spacing, etc.) depends on the preferences of the reader and the limits of the device they are using. That's a good thing, but it does mean that once the book is done there are more than a few questions about how to get the book to look right. If you have questions I'd be glad to help. But if I can offer some initial advice: keep your text simple. Don't use any funky fonts or indents or spacing. Ebooks have very limited capabilities. Prepare your book in the .epub format because that's basically the industry standard. If you do that, you can upload to a bunch of sites, not only Amazon, with relative ease. Ok people. Best of luck.

16:50:57 28.07.2011 materurbium

Tell us more about your book. What's it about?

17:12:46 28.07.2011 amahlert

It's a book of poetry actually. Not sure if you're into that. Not too many people are. But it's sort of unique since they're handwritten and written in a different sort of language. You can read the first 17 pages or so on my book blog if you are interested. thanks :)

16:48:24 02.08.2011 materurbium