Differences between a foreigner working for a CZ company or a US company in CZ?

Hi, I am wondering what is/are differences between a foreigner getting employed for a US based company's branch in CZ or a CZ company? Thanks.

21:55:35 02.04.2011 sarah.kho

Hi, it really depends on what type of business they are in. If it's primarily a sales organization, you will need to speak the native tongue whether you are working for a US based company or a Czech company. There are a lot of business centers here in Prague (for US based companies) that work on a regional / global level, meaning there is a need for good English skills, and you would not need to know Czech. It just really depends, which company you are looking at, its base business and the role the office here would have in the grand scheme of things. Some more info on this: http://guiriguidetoprague.com/2011/03/18/finding-a-job-in-prague/

20:50:31 03.04.2011 KEZ

I think we need to know what the OP is really trying to ask - are you tryign to find out about work atmosphere or tax sitaution or work permit requirements, etc?

06:48:10 04.04.2011 Jen

If you are American, then you might get a nice expat-package working for a US company. ;)

09:12:09 04.04.2011 amahlert

Thank you all for different viewpoints. What I am asking is regarding the type of work permit that the CZ government issues for the expat. If I start to work, software engineering related job, for a CZ based company; what sort of permit they will issue for me assuming that it is a recruitment and not a temporary contract? If I start to work, software engineering related job, for a brach of IBM active in CZ; what sort of permit they will issue for me? Thank you.

14:11:50 04.04.2011 sarah.kho

HI, so first depends if you are an EU citizen or not. If you are not, your company that wants to hire you will have to apply for a work permit. This takes about 6 weeks, once you have your work permit you will need to apply for a long-term Visa based on that. They have recently changed the law, so for professional jobs you may qualify for a "blue card" basically you would get temporary residency (2 yrs) and would not need a long-term visa which only lasts 6 months now (meaning you'd have to get it renewed every 6 months - it used to be a year). They are trying to make it harder for alot of non-professionals to work in this country. Here is a link to the non-eu process, if you are an EU citizen, all you need is to register your address here and do not need a work permit at all. Within this post you will also find all of the official links with accurate information: http://guiriguidetoprague.com/2011/03/24/non-eu-citizens-visa-right-to-reside-in-prague/ In the first link of the post above, find the bit about the blue card system...this would I think apply to you. Hope this helps.

21:14:54 05.04.2011 KEZ

For both it would be the same kind of work permit since the Czech branch of IBM (for example) is a Czech registered company.

22:00:55 05.04.2011 Jen

Hi, Thank you for the information and the helpful link. It seems that there are some differences on how they treat EU people and non-eu citizens. By degreed professionals it is referring to workers with some university degree? Assuming that I have the work permit provided by my employee, how long it will take them to issue the visa? Is it a long process like the work permit or it will be quick and painless one? Thanks.

11:00:17 06.04.2011 sarah.kho

8-12 weeks on average to get a working visa for non-eu citizens

11:34:54 06.04.2011 Meat n 2 Veg

yeah i think within 90 days Max for Non EU

12:09:04 06.04.2011 Lonely69

Thanks for the answers. It seems to be hell of a task to get the visa and then to renew it. A 6 month visa which needs 90 days renewal period is funny. The visa they gave the non-eu citizens is sort of schengen visa or it is specific to cz? Thanks.

10:08:45 07.04.2011 sarah.kho

Hi, One question to check my understanding of the process. After I agree with my job offer terms, it will take like 2 months for work permit and another 2-3 month for the visa which means it will take an overall of 5 months from the agreement to relocation. Thanks.

13:06:46 07.04.2011 sarah.kho

HI, yeah about 6 wks for the work permit that your employer has to obtain, then about 2-3 months (some say longer now) for the visa to get approved. But when my husband went to apply for the long-term visa for the first time in Vienna, he also applied for the short-term visa at the same time, which they issued him the next day and he could start working as soon as he got into prague. Maybe something you could do as well. As far as the degreed professionals, if you have a university degree or a higher education that lasted more than 3 yrs, you qualify. However, this is now a new thing "the blue card" so not sure how it works in practice, but I would definitely enquire about it, since this would give you 2 yrs of peace.

16:54:26 13.04.2011 KEZ