The Good, the Bad, The Ugly: Teaching English in Prague

I recently moved to Prague to take TEFL course. I want to talk to some local teachers about their experience. (weighing options of staying or leaving) First couple of beers will be on me :). Kevin

15:51:23 23.02.2011 kmwhalen6

Hi, I am not a local teacher, but will be coming to Prague in May. I would also be very interested to hear from teachers who are there now.

05:47:06 10.03.2011 TGFA83

TLH TEFL is a top notch program. I graduated in February and recommend it. The staff is fantastic and I had an excellent experience. I am now cooperating with two schools in Prague and an online school. Contact me if you have any questions.

08:37:51 10.03.2011 Kingfish

If you want an accredited course, there are two in Prague. The CELTA course in Prague 4 and the Trinity CertTESOL which OxforTEFL (we) run in the centre. As you can see, I am connected to a school. If you have any questions about our course,please feel free to contact me.

15:18:47 25.03.2011 David Young

do you have at university degree?....Native speakers don't always need a certificate..especially in outlying areas I wouldn't necessarily rush to pay a lot of money out of your pocket if your doing this just to move to Prague...if you want to teach down the line then probably yes. what questions do you have? I

11:53:40 26.03.2011 psencik

I am, much like TGFA83, to move to Prague in May and have a few ideas in mind with regards TEFL. That being said there is a lot of marketing and personal attachments that seem to be in the ether and not much in the way of... independent... guides. Or at least I have yet to find one. Does anyone know of a good website or blog that covers someone moving to Prague, doing a TEFL course and then finding work?

13:40:47 02.04.2011 Anthony_

Some language schools just don't recognise qualifications or give you much credit for them. The degree and TEFL certificate is becoming just too common and Language schools are treating a lot of teachers like expendable items, and not even people who want the career of teaching. Why is that? Partly because of financial crisis and partly because of a saturation of teachers in Prague. These factors are played up really well by language schools, as it really is a money-making profit-maximizing business for them. As for teachers, the wage has become really low in the recent years, while schools are increasing their profits. There is NO financial crisis as such, but TEFL schools are creating and using this excuse to justify cut-backs. James Cook Languages (JCL) are a typical expample of this. They treat teachers as expendable items, who must follow a flawed system of extensive bureacracy. James Cook only benefit for themselves, their own internal staff and senior teachers - and never the regular teachers who are treated like slaves. It is a private members club for their internal staff, and the teachers are always exploited, degraded and left to feel like sh*t. They use false advertising to recruit new teachers. For example, they never credit you on your previous experience or qualifications.......and yet they advertise this in their recruitment campaign. Also, they never provide you with free Czech lessons.......and yet they advertise this in their recruitment campaign. In fact, they never mention that fact that you must pay for the so-called Czech lessons. They also state that you can have free photocopies and free printing......but ALL language schools offer this anyway - and it is part of doing your job. Maybe James Cook will start charging teachers for using essential resources. Language schools like James Cook are focussing all their energy on making money for themselves but never offering the teachers a real job with real career benefits. Internal staff are unapproachable and rude, often barking like dogs when you need their help, especially librarian and course administration staff. Senior teachers are also pathetic at James Cook and over-rated. Again, their is false advertising about them. Not only do they never support you, but they are highly cynical and scrutinizing about teachers. James Cook like to use a mentoring system with Senior Teachers, but the support is pathetic with their cynical and unhelpful attitude. They spend a lot of money on their useless senior teachers - paying them inflated salaries, while they sit back and give you a useless support. James Cook like to employ a racist and communist outlook on their recruitment. Larger agencies like James Cook like to focus on themselves instead of the teachers who actually work for them and make the business 'happen'. Teachers never have a voice or identity to express concerns. Why is that..? It is beacuse James Cook believe they have the perfect model that works for them to make money.....but sadly not for teachers to enjoy teaching.

11:39:01 14.04.2011 English_Master