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Farmer's Markets Webs with Info

Becuse times and farmer's markets are changing it's good to have up to date info. Here there are links to the Farmer's markets in Prague and arround : KUBAN, Prague 10 - Kubanske namesti Tuesday, Thursday afternoon and Saturday http://www.farmarsketrziste.cz/ NAPLAVKA, Prague 2, Palackeho namesti Every Saturday http://www.farmarsketrziste.cz/ NAMESTI JIRIHO Z PODEBRAD, Praha 3 Wednesday and Saturday http://www.farmarsketrziste.cz/ KULATAK, Prague 6 - metro Dejvicka Every second Saturday http://www.farmarske-trhy.cz/ HOLESOVICKA TRZNICE, Prague 7 Some Saturday http://www.holesovickytrh.cz/farmarsky/en/en.htm DOLNI POCERNICE and KLANOVICE (Prague periphery) Friday afternoon and Saturday morning www.ceskyfarmarskytrh.cz RICANY (close to Prague) Saturday http://www.nasetrhy.cz/Trhy-v-Ricanech KLADNO (close to Prague) Friday http://www.nasetrhy.cz/Trhy-v-Kladne

13:42:54 14.06.2010 Yvan

Excellent info, thanks!!!

14:24:09 17.06.2010 bananafish

Thanks, Yvan, that's fantastic!

15:08:31 17.06.2010 Jen

Rado se stalo / You're welcome ...

15:55:47 17.06.2010 Yvan