good orthodontist/dentist for braces?

Can anyone recommend a good orthodontist or dentist for braces? Thanks.

22:19:35 09.12.2009 Jeno

Hi Jeno. I have been to this orthodontist/dentist today. My first impressions are mixed to be honest. Both orthodontist and dentist told me that if I want braces, all 4 wisdom teeth have to come out. Then, with no time for me to think and decide if I want them out, an appointment was booked for me!! (to be honest, I am very very scared of dentists and at a cost of 1,500 -2,000CZK a tooth...) They came out high on customer satisfaction on several sites, hence I gave them a go. I would suggest for you to go and have a consultation (about 580CZK) and see if you are happy. Also, these people are my second choice... Good Luck!!

22:31:22 06.01.2010 edita0501