Performance Studies Discussion/Reading/Work Group

To whom may be interested: I am proposing a meet-up group of English-speakers interested in all things performance art. Actors, directors, play/screenwriters, academics and performance artists who are looking for people to scratch their creative and intellectual itch(es) with. I am from the USA. I studied as and actor, writer and director. I have worked as a director in New York and now I am teaching at a preschool in Prague. I am looking for people who are interested in talking about performance/theatre theory, ritual/cultural anthropology, plays, ideas and projects. Some potential reading material from authors such as: Peter Brook, Richard Schechner, Augusto Boal, Jaques Lecoq, Bertolt Brecht, Antonin Artaud, Samuel Beckett, Eugene Ionesco, Jean Genet, Jerzy Grotowski, Stanislavski, Meyerhold and many others. Please write to me if you are interested in meeting and talking about ideas. This would be a place for performance artists from anywhere to come together and talk, share projects and find partners. Sort of a collective. Ours is an art that depends on collaboration. Come take advantage of the international environment of Prague. Any language levels, nationalities and backgrounds welcome. Please write to me if you are interested in meeting and once we have a group of three or four, we'll have drinks somewhere. Regards.

09:23:34 02.10.2009 Clambrose