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Free Online Czech Language Learning Goodies

http://www.czechprimer.org Good for people with more of a visual memory. http://www.radio.cz/en/current/soundczech Regular column that uses lyrics to Czech songs in order to explore idiomatic expressions. Great for people with audio memory. http://www.locallingo.com/czech/grammar/index.html Good explanations of grammar. http://www.yellow.cz/archive.php?id=196 Funny, insightful articles by expat Emma Brannan, one side written in Czech the other in English, so you can compare. I have found these extremely helpful because she expresses a lot of the same sentiments in her columns that I also would like to, many of which don't get covered in language books - such as: "I know that there´s paper freely available next to the little cash desk thing, but why not put it in the toilet stall? Are you afraid people are going to steal it? " and things like that. A total find! http://www.pteryx.net/sklonovani.html To sklonovat means to conjugate, I guess? This app conjugates a word for you (if you know the correct infinitive)

21:30:46 19.03.2009 evadiva

another useful resource is www.learn10.com "Learn10 was built to help people create a daily learning habit. The ethos is simple - once you become a member of Learn10 you´ll automatically be sent short, daily learning tasks - such as 10 new words in a foreign language. We use the range of current web technology so you´ll see your content on Facebook, Twitter, in your email, it´s RSSable, can be plugged in to any blog or web page, it´s iPhone friendly and mostly free. You can use the Learn10 widget to learn, revise, record, test & compete with your friends. Additional (premium) services include a virtual teacher, windows screensaver and content via SMS." (it was formerly learnitlists.com )

21:41:16 19.03.2009 skotik

FREE Czech lessons at : Foreign Service Institute Czech Fast . Textbook (PDF) and twelve audio lessons. http://fsi-language-courses.org/Content.php?page=Czech

18:44:35 05.12.2014 Yvan

Thanks people. Information appreciated, have looked at all your links and am now using some. Currently wrestling with tenses and genders, may decide to just throw words at the recipient and let them try to sort out what I really mean lol. Why on earth does a language have to say mám se dobře instead of jsem fijn?…. I mean, "I have good" seems an incomplete statement to the logical mind. Is anyone out the using /used a paid Internet / Skype training course, and can they recommend it as a good use of money? Tonye

12:06:08 06.12.2014 tony.elkin