Permanent Residence (Trvaly Pobyt) for USA citizen

Good day, I am a US citizen living in CZ for a few years now. I plan to stay longer, and I would like to purchase a flat.... naturally, I need the permanent residence. I am looking for any pointers. Is the process different for US citizens? Has anyone gone through the process? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

11:57:28 04.06.2008 citizen101

12:01:46 04.06.2008 Hollins98

Since 2006 you are able to purchase property with a 1 year "long-term" visa, which I did. I now have my trvaly pobyt (I'm a US citizen) You must be here for 5 yrs, have a lease from a landlord if you are renting that is for 10 yrs, which is the length of the TB and a number of other things including health certificates etc.I used a lawyer, it cost me about 10000KC and well worth it considering the bureaucracy, time and language barriers.Good luck

09:08:24 05.06.2008 jccortese

As a US citizen all you need is a visa over 90 days, 'dlouhodoby pobyt' or higher. I'm a US citizen with 'dlouhodoby pobyt' in the process of buying a house right now. Bear in mind, while this type of visa (dlouhodoby pobyt) allows you to buy the property, it doen't mean banks will give you a mortgage (that is, if you are planning on taking a mortgage). I'm having to provide a hefty deposit in the form of a long-term certificate of deposit until my 'trvaly pobyt' is approved, hopfully in September. If you are doing a mortgage and are not in a hurry to buy, I'd suggest waiting until you have your 'trvaly', it will make dealing with the banks a whole lot easier. If you're not doing a mortgage, then you are good to go. Good luck to you.

16:47:21 05.06.2008 foxlangserv

I am an American citizen with a one-year renewable visa and in the process of buying an apartment. As the posters here have said, you can now buy a flat on the basis of this visa and banks will negotiate a mortgage (provided you pay a sizable down payment -- I am considering a down payment of about about a third of the purchase price). The only condition the banks insist on is that the visa be valid for at least 90 days before you sign for the loan. So make sure that you begin the search for the apt and the financing steps very soon after your visa is issued (or renewed). In general, while it's much simpler now than it was a couple of years ago (and one huge advantage is that you no longer need to form an sro to purchase property -- a real relief), getting a visa and buying an apartment is still a highly complex process. I would suggest you find a good and experienced fixer who can help you. Send a message to me here if you'd like and I can suggest some people who can help.

19:24:09 05.06.2008 Markrfe

Addendum to the mortgage question: Is there any consensus these days on that the best mortgage is? I mean how long to fix the interest rate or whether to take out a standard mortgage or what's called a "flexi" (meaning there's no penalty to pay it off in advance). Rates have risen in recent months and it's a hard call going forward ...

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Thank you all for your time and responses. I guess this topic branched out to two: Getting Trvaly Pobyt for US citizen -and- Buying a flat as US citizen without Trvaly Pobyt. Based on your replies, which were much inspiring, I made an appointment with CSAS, and they have preliminary confirmed that they would offer me a mortgage. Now, however, the reality agency and their layer appears to see no way for me to sign a contract as an owner... Even though I am able to purchase the flat (with the mortgage). I am continuing to search for opinions, options, laws. Please send me a private message if you're able to help. I'll update this topic again, when I have more information. Thanks again.

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And another update. Found a legal evidence from land register of the owner's rights: Sections such as ยง 10.

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