Best Garlic soup in Prague?

Preferably in a loaf of bread? Bit of a party on saturday night and wouldn't mind some damage control for Sunday lunch! Thanks :)

12:21:40 20.03.2008 Sevenape

U provazanicka does good garlic soup .. not in a loaf of bread tho .. I love garlic soup

12:25:52 20.03.2008 Jamie M

OK no worries the in the bread thing was just a hope,the garlic soup is the main thing!

12:30:18 20.03.2008 Sevenape here's a link ...

12:31:04 20.03.2008 Jamie M

thanks :)

12:35:25 20.03.2008 Sevenape

oh ****!!! Is this the pub behind new yorker? I always take people there when they visit, never tried the soup though right... nice one cheers :)

12:44:36 20.03.2008 Sevenape

Skorepka does a good garlic soup in a loaf.

07:59:55 21.03.2008 annemarie

sweet Thanks annemarie :)

08:16:14 21.03.2008 Sevenape

Quote: SevenapeBest Garlic soup in Prague?

My house :D

08:52:35 21.03.2008 Jon 'Half-Pint' Smith