AAA Auto

Hi there, I know they dont have a great reputation... We've just bought a great car from them, only problem is we're still waiting for the car to be de-registered from the old owner and the docs to be sent to us to register it. Its 4 weeks now, just called AAA, they reckon it may be another 2 weeks?? Seems crazy. Anyone else had the same problem?

15:55:57 28.08.2007 richh

mrypg9 did. D.C.

16:14:50 28.08.2007 Dean Court

Cheers Dean, I'll wait for her comment.

16:35:26 28.08.2007 richh

Or send her a PM in case she doesn't see this thread. I think it was actually Sid Lickman who sorted out the problem for her in the end. D.C.

16:36:39 28.08.2007 Dean Court

Cheers again, I thought I remembered reading about it, but you never think it will happen to you. I'll PM her.

16:54:10 28.08.2007 richh

AAA will have all the docs for the car & form signed by the origional owner, giving them permission to handle the sale & transfer. They have to go to the office in the area where the car is registered & de-register it. Then you will get everything & have to register it where you live. Then you need to go to the STK place and get them to stamp the doc, to prove the car has the correct chassis & engine numbers. Then you can insure it. It's a reet fanny about...

17:06:45 28.08.2007 lubber_johnny

Got the STK place booked, its already insured just on the VIN.

17:12:04 28.08.2007 richh

Your contract, smlouva is acting as the registration IT CAN NOT BE MORE THAN 30 DAYS OLD!!! If it is, it is not legal, they must reissue a contract to you with a "newer" date

17:32:47 28.08.2007 Sid Lickman

Cheers Sid, will ask them about that. Is it a common problem? Do they just have too many cars to de-register?

18:13:06 28.08.2007 richh

Quote: richhCheers Sid, will ask them about that. Is it a common problem? Do they just have too many cars to de-register?

That or they are bunch of ****ers.

21:13:28 28.08.2007 lubber_johnny

Dear Richh they are jamed packed right now. I got a car from them just two weeks ago for an Expat (still selling!!) and I needed to use all my inside contacts to get a car deregistered in one week Salesmen are complaining like hell tha the current process is too slow,a dn that customers are getting pissed, but owners wont pay for more people to be in the transfer dept. Pepople complain, but they still line up to purchase cars from AAA.

09:00:16 29.08.2007 Sid Lickman

Perhaps they are all busy on putting the company on the Stock Market....

12:11:37 29.08.2007 AndyZizkov

Thanks for the comments everyone. As far as I can see the Cz car registration system is just too complex and bureaucratic. With de-registering, STK check to register, re-register, new plates if you've changed region, its a nightmare. Oh for the system in the UK, where the buyer and seller just sign the reg doc and send it off to the Reg Agency and its reissued to the new owner, no plate changes nothing! How can Police monitor a car, if it changes plates every few years? I know you have the VIN, but thats not always visible?

15:11:50 29.08.2007 richh

Might explain why car theft is so high. Lots to learn always. Never assume what is obvious, is obvious to all. Thats one huge lesson I have learned living here.

09:05:18 30.08.2007 Saint_Beaver