financing a vehicle as a foreigner

Our vehicle went kaput for the last time this we need a new one. Problem: I don't have enough cash to buy what we need outright, so I need to finance something. I see that AAA auto does financing for foreigners, but my czech friends tell me they are the worst for odometer rollbacks etc. Of course, everything with a grain of salt.... But in any case, does anybody know of what other dealerships/companies will do financing for foreigners? Preferably with online listings. Anyone I should stay away from? Thanks all.

16:12:15 22.01.2012 Rev_Katz

doesn't answer your question i know but you can get a decent car here for say 70.000 to 80.000kc that you would expect to last several years..

17:55:32 22.01.2012 musicsavedmylife2

yes, i know....but i need a 9 passenger van, which is a bit more costly for something reliable

18:23:08 22.01.2012 Rev_Katz

how foreign are you? Do you have a residents permit? If so everyone will lend you money,try GE Money bank true, like all banks they will rip you off. Try CAC and SKOFIN for used Renault Traffic or Transporter. If you are in Prague west look at the VW dealer for used vans as they often have a good selection with guarentees I will say I bought a used Transporter from AAA and have not had any unexpected problems with it. I had it financed through Santandar and I do regret that.

21:28:10 22.01.2012 praguepivo

They are missionaries, as I remember, with US insurance, so I guess no residence permit as such?? , so I would guess if that status is still valid, no-one will give you any credit.

09:49:11 23.01.2012 JIZEK

Assuming the interior ministry finishes with our applications sometime soon, we should have dlouhodoby pobyt for the next 2 years.

10:06:18 23.01.2012 Rev_Katz

hmmm, im not sure if that would be enough, 2 years, best to walk in a dealer and ask.

10:50:30 23.01.2012 JIZEK

You can get a car loan as a foreigner with a 1 or 2 year visa.

08:40:49 24.01.2012 Crispy

aha- there you go, so first step would be to get a visa :-)

10:54:02 24.01.2012 JIZEK

Dear Rev That visa is enough Be prepared to provide some sort of financial returns or bank statement. Please note... most car loan companies are charging twice the rates that banks do...please shop around. Also...VERY IMPORTANT...dealers are getting giant commissions from the loan companies...any where from 9% to 23% This is a soft market...definitely hammer the rates down...the dealers will give in. Maybe AAA wont give you much, because they are making so many sales...but at least they write in the contract the odometers are correct and they guarantee the cars for one year. Last used car market dealers make...on average...10,000kc to 30,000kc profit on each car and 40,000kc to 60,000kc profit on each van/dodavka Of all the loan companies that I know of in the market SkoFin has lowest rates

13:36:07 24.01.2012 Sid Lickman

Thanks for the tips Sid, quite helpful

23:02:07 24.01.2012 Rev_Katz