Importing used motorcycles

I heard that there is a restriction that prevents registering an imported car in CZ if the car is more that 5 years old. Is there such a restriction on imported motorcycles? If that is the case, can a savvy biker edify us on the used-bike market in CZ?

22:19:00 30.07.2006 Prague Tech

Would also be interested in the same info. Haven't seen any info here on bikes. Meanwhile here is a good link for used CZ registered bikes for sale in CZ. (I also think it's 7 years for cars, not 5. Cars are well described already on this site.),1,20,s_nabidka_00,asc,,,,,,,00,cz,A/

02:23:29 31.07.2006 4sure

Good question, I would like to know more as well.

08:52:09 31.07.2006 MDL

An old thread but, I am in the process of registering a 6 year old m/bike at the moment. First off, my bike is a 650 and is UK registered, so your headlight needs to be changed for a Euro one. That's iall you need to do mechanically as the speedo has KMH as well as MPH anyway. When we (me and my Czech wife) brought the bike to get the STK done (the local station to where you are living-officially) the guy just looked at the VIN number and tyres then passed it and gave us the STK for čk1300!!!! Next step was to go and get insurance. čk2600 for basic third party (from Kooperitiva who are cheapest and best)and insured on the VIN number. Next to the local vehicle magistrats office to change the UK papers for CZ ones, there were 2 forms to fill in (btw you will definetly need a Czech speaker with you or be very fluent) pay the guy čk2000 for new papers and for a new SPZ (number plate) which you pick up 2 weeks later (or as we found out on the way out from someone waiting, if you bung the guy a 1000 crowns he will do it today). We just got the bike put into my wife's name which made things a lot easier, it can be put in my name sometime later. Now I will just wait until the 10th of June and go and pick up the new doklady - hopefully.

20:29:58 30.05.2007 Bat