nude waitresses

lived here for awhile, but never been to the bars where the waitresses are fully nude. no not a strip club, but i have seen some pics of what looks like typical czech blue collar hospodas with nude broads waitressing. anybody ever been, or know where they are?

16:49:38 23.05.2006 doe

One up my way in Petriny, every second Tuesday evening. U České koruny Libocká 268/6 162 00, Praha Tel.: 235350377

17:03:08 23.05.2006 Out In The Cold

Do they allow Stag groups?

17:19:21 23.05.2006 xpy

Hope the place is well-heated in winter. Would women appreciate being served food or drinks by naked men?

17:21:37 23.05.2006 mrypg9

Most are average at best

17:22:32 23.05.2006 The Ostrich Watch

I know 2 in Zizkov, but I ain't saying precisely because of questions from stag groups like xpy's lot.

17:28:02 23.05.2006 Christopher

lol... I'd only take select groups there...

17:33:38 23.05.2006 xpy

What are 'average', Ostrich Watch?

17:35:20 23.05.2006 mrypg9

Yeah? Then try

17:35:22 23.05.2006 Christopher

Here's a pic from one I was told about...

17:38:33 23.05.2006 wiz

The women and this post in general, all in all...Think on

17:59:42 23.05.2006 The Ostrich Watch

is the rest of the menu printed on the front? "yes, i'll have the biftek with a side of... sorry, can't read the prilohy, love. you could do with a bit of a trim."

18:18:04 23.05.2006 halo_bender

The oldest question of all: Where do they carry tips and change?

18:25:13 23.05.2006 Sur

No doubt in one of her many folds

18:29:59 23.05.2006 The Ostrich Watch

In Premyslovska Prague 2 there used to be a poster on the pub window Goat show Wednesday. Goat ...koza is the Czech synonyme for should look for signs like this

20:19:59 23.05.2006 e..

You mean Premyslova?

21:41:49 23.05.2006 Meathead

Quote: MeatheadYou mean Premyslova?

Premyslovska, the one going towards Flora. Hostinec na Tremosne, I guess.

21:48:44 23.05.2006 e..

It seems fairly common to have a topless waitress one night a week in some Czech pubs. The one I visited on that occasion had a floating service where the girl would work a different pub several nights a week. The Pub would get a different waitress each week so the regulars would have someone new to look at. The place is generally very crowded that night. She was cute, and was an excellent waitress. A pair of tall boots and hot pants completed her outfit.

00:07:41 24.05.2006 Prague Tech

Quote: xpylol... I'd only take select groups there...

That is what we are worried better way to kill off the industry...

08:42:19 24.05.2006 Baudolino

Quote: ChristopherYeah? Then try

That was cruel.

10:35:58 24.05.2006 gomer

Quote: wizHere's a pic from one I was told about...

Wheres that then, wiz? Know the name and adress? Got a couple of mates coming over and I am sure this is one drinking experience they would love ;)

12:02:12 24.05.2006 Ben Dover

No-one has answered my question about nude waiters. Aesthetics apart, hygiene must come into this somewhere?

13:12:35 24.05.2006 mrypg9

There are such things as hairnets and they are fully extendable.

13:17:50 24.05.2006 coco

coco you have a wonderfully inventive mind

13:21:01 24.05.2006 mrypg9

When you've had as many naked men problems as i have you've gotta be.... next weeks installment - Help your naked man fry bacon without screaming.....

13:46:21 24.05.2006 coco

Quote: cocoWhen you've had as many naked men problems as i have you've gotta be.... next weeks installment - Help your naked man fry bacon without screaming.....

Still waiting for that coco. It burns, it burns....:o

20:20:11 25.07.2006 xpy

That would be streaky bacon, then ????

20:50:00 25.07.2006 Next