Basketball - the game with the orange ball ;)

hi there, I was hoping to find people that would like to play every now and then. anyone interested?

10:09:44 09.03.2012 yarden

hi yarden, i'd like to play some ball, doesn't seem to be a very popular sport here in prague, do you know anybody from here who plays it ? btw, ball doesn't have to be orange :)

14:20:38 12.03.2012 ccapitanu

i'd like to play sometime in P2 if possible, and not on a court that has 10-year-olds playing football.

14:46:02 12.03.2012 halo_bender

hey guys, someone forwarded me a link to your discussion. I'm all up for getting together for a game. Are you thinking about weekdays or weekends? Do you know any indoor courts that might be free?

14:54:15 12.03.2012 batruslan

I'm in if you find a place to play.

15:18:37 12.03.2012 firedragon

does anybody know a gym that is available ?

15:30:43 12.03.2012 ccapitanu

I am interested in playing, but I have only used a small court in my neighborhood in Prague 4. It seems that we have many who are interested, but none who know haw to make it happen. Is that right?

18:09:24 12.03.2012 EuroGator

gator was that an outside court ? is it free ? i am also in prague 4

19:21:07 12.03.2012 ccapitanu

Hello, it ll be ok to play during a week in the center,Martin:)

19:34:32 12.03.2012 martinmayer

Hi there....would like to join, pls let me know when & where! only available eves & wknds...

21:57:48 12.03.2012 Erikland

Hey guys, i'm in to. Best for me are week days in the evening. Let me know where and when.

13:06:34 13.03.2012 trani

I am at Prague 4 as well.. lets just set a day and an hour. worth a try...

14:21:55 13.03.2012 yarden

Apparently we will have close to 20 degrees here in prague over the weekend, so very nice weather for basketball, if anybody knows a court we can meet at(address), and if someone has a ball they can bring, we can set a day and see how many come

14:28:57 13.03.2012 ccapitanu

Sounds good. I'm down. Though there must be an indoor court we could all chip in to rent for an hour. This has to have been done before, no?

15:11:16 13.03.2012 zmunz

I vote for weekend outside.....when / where!

13:51:06 14.03.2012 Erikland

can everyone propose a day(saturday on sunday) and a time that they can come this weekend, and we will pick the day and time most wanted to see who comes. i suggest saturday at 14:00(best weather according to yahoo) i am still looking for an outside court we can use

14:13:52 14.03.2012 ccapitanu

I'm up for Saturday at 14:00

15:03:22 14.03.2012 yarden

that works

17:01:11 14.03.2012 Erikland

I have a location for a basketball court, details below. I've been told it is open, so it is set for Saturday at 14:00 at the location below. GPS coordinates(you can google for these): 50.102923,14.420264 Intersection of Cechova and Nad Kralovskou Oborou streets Saturday at 14:00 I hope I won't be playing alone :)

11:02:10 15.03.2012 ccapitanu

great. will be there, I hope that someone has a ball XD

12:29:40 15.03.2012 yarden

Sounds good. (also don't have a ball)

14:31:48 15.03.2012 Erikland

Is it like a must to master the sport well? Would like to play but I only played it a couple of times back at high school....

10:56:19 16.03.2012 alainbroft

Skill level is not important, everyone is welcome

11:35:57 16.03.2012 ccapitanu

I'm not so great either....hope there won't be any "all-stars" out there :)

11:36:22 16.03.2012 Erikland

i just hope someone comes, and it's not just me shooting free throws :)

15:13:34 16.03.2012 ccapitanu

I have to admit that I probably will not make it, it is to far and until half past one I have to be in Prague 4....

12:01:28 17.03.2012 alainbroft

I lost the link to this ad but now it is in my bookmarks so next time I'll be able to join you. :) I know an outdoor court close to where I live in Praha 6 (tram #22 line) and some guys I was playing with indoor last winter plan to move outdoor soon but I have no idea where they will play yet. So, please keep posting out here so we know where & when, OK?

00:46:29 19.03.2012 firedragon

so is this happening? when/where?

15:07:46 22.03.2012 alexmax

this happened once last saturday, only two other people came, fortunately we found a great court that seems to have lots of people on weekends, I will go there again this saturday if the weather permits it, the location is: Nad Ohradou 17 50.091786,14.47328 Praha 3

15:27:21 22.03.2012 ccapitanu

You and your google coordinates LOL ;)

16:52:03 22.03.2012 Erikland

i love em, who needs addresses, especially when i can't even read these prague street names :)

17:00:36 22.03.2012 ccapitanu

any possibility to join? :) the other court (which was at praha 7 - 50.102923,14.420264) wasnt so great? or what is the reason for a change?

21:23:52 23.03.2012 peetside

Who's going, where & when today? I'd like to join.

12:01:14 24.03.2012 firedragon

me aswell! :) who's got basketball?

13:49:27 24.03.2012 peetside

I tried Nad Ohradou 17 today as you suggested it. I was there making some hoops between 4.25-5.25 I must say the court is kinda crap except one good basket but it was taken by some skinheads who were also peeing along the sideline in their brake. I guess it was part of their "marking my territory" policy. Not my kind of people, sorry. Next time I'm gonna be balling in Praha 6 if anyone is interested. Cheers!

20:50:29 24.03.2012 firedragon

Hi, please let me know if there's a game, i'd like to join too. Thanks

21:27:35 28.03.2012 the big fat caterpillar

New to Prague. Want to play ball. Anybody else on here?

20:37:01 08.10.2012 JStika

Yeh, me too! All the same. Do you have a ball? Couse I don't. I'm in Prague about a week and can not find enybody to play. And the court which is close to my home is usually empty or there play in football just a few kids. It's about 100 m on south from JZP station.

22:03:26 08.10.2012 St.Joe

I have a ball, is that court lit during the evening ? If not maybe we can organize something for this weekend...

18:22:41 10.10.2012 ccapitanu

Great, I would love to join. Saturday would be great!

10:56:01 11.10.2012 frieder

A bit short notice, but if anybody is interested in an indoor basketball game in a gym close to flora mall, let's meet in front of the flora mall at 19:00. I will be the one with the basketball...

16:16:38 11.10.2012 ccapitanu

I'm interested. Indoor near Flora, where is it exactly?

21:50:50 11.10.2012 remix

Hi people, I'm not specialy a good player of basketball but it could be really nice to join you. I'm living in Zizkoc, close to Flora ;)

19:29:15 14.10.2012 Clement POULET

Hi there, just share some information. You can rent a basketball court in this place:

20:07:51 14.10.2012 the big fat caterpillar

Hi guys, I don't know how good you are, but could a girl join in?

21:24:42 14.10.2012 janaslav

Hi everybody, My previous attempt in finding some teammates on was unsuccessful but maybe people get more serious when the cold season comes. :) So, in case you are interested I will give you the coordinates with the courts where I usually go to play bball. 1. For outdoor play/warm & dry weather (any day at noon or afternoon): 2. For indoor play/cold season (only on Sunday evenings): Let me know if you are interested ;)

22:26:11 15.10.2012 firedragon

Quote: firedragon2. For indoor play/cold season (only on Sunday evenings):

Well count me in, that's just about my neighbourhood :) When will you be playing there this sunday? I won't be in Praha over the weekend but I think I will be back around six o'clock. Take care, see you!

16:52:28 16.10.2012 frieder

Quote: firedragon2. For indoor play/cold season (only on Sunday evenings): Let me know if you are interested ;)

I'd like to join as well!

23:14:31 16.10.2012 janaslav

*LATER EDIT If we can gather at least 10 people from I suggest we find our own indoor court during winter meaning we should rent one for 2 hours per week. It shouldn't cost us more than 100CZK for each. There is a group on FB looking to rent a court so if you leave a link to your FB profile I will add you to the group so you can follow the updates in there.

14:37:32 17.10.2012 firedragon

i'd like to join too! :) link to my FB profile is here: cheers!

19:24:22 20.10.2012 peetside

If you still planning to play id like also join you. The only question HOW?

10:03:46 01.11.2012 Vedzmak

We have a group on FB with people from Prague who want to play but we are still looking for the right indoor court: To be honest the biggest problem is the schedule: people don't seem to make up their mind and to settle with a plan. You can leave your FB profile here and I will add you.

23:32:08 15.11.2012 firedragon

Quote: ccapitanugator was that an outside court ? is it free ? i am also in prague 4

Sorry ccapitanu - I assumed (stupid of me) that I'd get a notification if more people posted on this thread so I didn't come back and check it. :facepalm: I've since subscribed, so I should catch any new posts. To answer your question, it is an outside court - near the Dobeška stop (124 bus off of Budějovicka). I had a somewhat active spring after posting trying to find courts to play on. One helpful resource is: I'd love to meet up sometime and play - even if it's outside on a warmer day. What part of Prague 4 do you live in? I'm in Branik. I've tried to join firedragon's FB group, so maybe I can get in on contributing to stuff here. Thanks, EuroGator

20:40:51 16.11.2012 EuroGator

Hey all, I would love to meet up and play as well. I just moved to Prague from the US. If you all decide to play, would love to join:

01:47:24 19.11.2012 nlep26

Join our group on FB and we'll see how it goes: In my opinion the main issue is people can't rearrange their schedule to go and play together: there is always working during the week and partying/drinking in the weekend. I'm sure there are indoor courts in Prague, just went to a new one today...

19:58:05 01.12.2012 firedragon