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18/11/2016 Ive been there with my family it was so much fun I would recommend it to everybody

posted by Emma Wood

Smart Wings

10/09/2013 Travelling from Paris to Prague, my plane was delayed for more than an hour due to "fuel issues"....

posted by NicoReader

Ghostly Prague - Ghost Tours

26/10/2012 I liked it a lot. It was good to have a guide who knew lots of ghost stories, not just about...

posted by Csekonics

České Aerolinie (Czech Airlines)

08/06/2012 Compare to other airlines, CSA should definitely improve its service aboard. Rude cabin crew is...

posted by Ben Kozlowski

Exim Tours

06/11/2010 Exim tour doesn't have a centralized office - you can find their booths scattered around Prague's...

posted by innaPRG

Turkish Airlines

08/01/2009 Based on word of mouth advice, I took my delayed honeymoon to Istanbul over the holidays. In...

posted by Ciaran Kelly


06/10/2007 It's a floating hotel...no frills, no casinos, no midnight buffets or Vegas-style shows -- just a...

posted by dolphingirl

Sttravel (Gts International)

07/06/2007 I recently purchased a flight online. GTS emailed my confirmation and itinerary. Two days...

posted by Aeronaut


02/07/2006 Today I was supposed to fly to Amsterdam with SkyEurope but my flight was cancelled. And I missed...

posted by MyClinic

Town to Town Agency

04/10/2005 If you need to get anywhere in Europe in comfort for a low price, check this company out. I've...

posted by praguelodyte

Inex Cestovni Kancelar

29/06/2005 Considering that the area around Andel and Arbesovo-Namesti is the mecca for travel agencies...

posted by phosphor100

Prague Jewish Museum

29/06/2005 The Jewish Museum is the reason some tourists come to Prague in the first place... but don't let...

posted by phosphor100

Gts International

15/06/2005 GTS travel is obnoxiously crowded, stuffed with tourists, expats and Czechs with limited seating....

posted by phosphor100


29/04/2005 Many users of this sight are surely familiar with the student travel agency, STA. I have found...

posted by Scotty C