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Balanced Lifestyles Counselling

13/11/2017 I would not recommend Svetlana Coalson. In my opinion, her style is loose, overbearing and...

posted by Jason Roy

Move to Prague - Relocation services

26/10/2017 When I planned to move to Prague, of course I looked for an agency for helping me, and choosing a...

posted by Yann Michot


11/10/2017 We have been using and recommending 4 Expats for years now. The staff there are great and very...

posted by Leanne Woodmass

Private clinic - Dr. Ivana Grohová, M.D. & Partners

07/08/2017 Žádná morálka

posted by Kris Freit

Dr Ben Rakusan at Dental Centre Cerna Labut

28/07/2017 I've been coming to see the dentist here for a few years and I'm always amazed at the high...

posted by Liz .Allan

19/07/2017 I have known Djali for almost 10 years, which makes me comfortable to say she is a specialist of...

posted by Argyro Leman

Formé clinic

14/06/2017 I had my daughter when i was at the young age of 20. After my second child when i was 25, i...

posted by Karen Roe

American Dentist in Prague

27/03/2017 Dr. Eric Rafoth did the most incredible job fixing my tooth when I broke my crown while on...

posted by Jessica Ward

Milos Ryc M.D. Health Care

21/03/2017 I had a number of sessions to treat my knee pain with Paul, Paul was very knowledgeable,...

posted by Chris Connell

Dr. Jan Banis, private psychology/counselling/coaching consultations

05/03/2017 Jan is an excellent therapist. Very friendly and open, a good listener and adviser, great at...

posted by Paula Banach

Trindadent s.r.o.

14/01/2017 Not to play follow the leader and sound redundant....but Dr. Trindade is the best dentist that...

posted by James Mitchell

Personal Trainer - Thomas Vejrážka

13/12/2016 My training/climbing with Thomas has exceeded all my expectations. He has taught me more over the...

posted by Kjersti Hansen